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Friday, September 10, 2010

Senator Patty Murray Heroically Saved Jobs?

Not at all.

Senator Patty Murray is lying about ObamaCare in truly creative ways.

Patty Murray's latest campaign ad tries to take credit for leaving privately owned medical facilities somewhat less clobbered by the feds.

Her target in this particular propaganda is Wenatchee Valley Hospital. The Hospital is also called the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, a privately owned medical center in Wenatchee, Washington. Wenatchee is in the esophagus of Washington State, sort of.

Senator Patty Murray claims the "[T]he Wenatchee Valley Hospital was in danger of closing its doors. Senator Patty Murray fought to restore funding and saved 1,500 jobs in Central Washington." By "fought" she means she was mud slinging again.

Senator Patty Murray conveniently forgot she and her "Democratic" Party cronies are the cause of the pending shutdown. ObamaCare prohibits privately owned hospitals. After bilking the Hospital and voting for ObamaCare, Patty Murray agreed to champion a change in federal regulation which "saved" the Hospital.

Pure extortion.

Of course the ad spins it differently. Patty Murray got 3 of the dozen or so Democrats on the hospital staff, plus the establishment-liberal mayor of Wenatchee, to agree that she saved the Hospital. The truth is, Congressman Doc Hastings(R) has been working to save the clinic from stupid legislation since 2007.

Senator Patty Murray should check with the rank and file employees of the hospital, who despise her for using their job security so deceitfully.

Report filed via Bob1, from Wenatchee

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