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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lying Politicians

I really shouldn't watch television at all. Lying politicians tick me off.

Incumbent Senator Patty Murray's lying is fevered in intensity. Now Murray's ads assert candidate Dino Rossi is somehow going to prolong the economic depression Patty Murray voted to start.

Murray takes this stand because she sold herself to the Union bosses.

The union bosses insist she defend monster raises for the rank and file government workers so operatives like Gov Christine Gregoire raise taxes on the people of Washington State to pay inflated wages to State union employees.

Presently the state employees make about 22% more per hour than citizens who are lucky enough to have a job. Plus deluxe medical, dental, eyeglasses, etc. The kind of stuff we get to pay for, especially under Obamacare, another Patty Murray backed people restriction.

Senator Murray is doing nothing other than pushing the addiction to federal control and government intrusion.

American jobs are being shipped to China because of Patty Murray and the rotten policies she votes for.

1. The present administration has gotten us deeply into debt with the Chinese. They want payback, and Senator Patty Murray has voted for those programs.

2. Senator Patty Murray has repeatedly voted to enslave private enterprise to the federal government. This raises the cost of US domestic production to the point it the doors of the factory must be closed.

3. Senator Patty Murray never met a tax she didn't like to tax us with.

4. Senator Patty Murray voted to impose ObamaCare. The "Democratic" Party now admits ObamaCare will raise everybody's cost of medical care.

Senator Patty Murray, you got to go. Your kind of government is way too costly.

For more about “Democratic” Party gun control efforts, see Just Facts

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