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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dr Kim Schrier's smear campaign against Dino Rossi

Dr Kim Schrier's campaign has run several ads alleging that Dino Rossi's campaign is sold out to dark and mysterious forces.  Schrier's ads have been called  a lowlife smear.

You would expect the alleged financial oddities to show up in the campaign statements.

Since Rossi and Schrier are running for the Washington 8th district US Congressional seat recently held by Dave Reichert, federal election campaign laws prevail.  We can check how much impact mysterious forces are having by using the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) website data.  Here is a summary comparing the two 8th district candidates in the upcoming general election:

Rossi (R) FEC link $4,098,669.12
Total receipts $4,073,609.43
Total individual contributions $3,651,459.43

Party committee contributions

Other committee contributions  $416,850.00
Candidate contributions $300.00
Transfers from other authorized committees  $5,000.00
-------- --------
Schrier (D) FEC link
Total receipts     $5,343,212.64
Total contributions     $4,920,643.48  $4,920,643.48
Total individual contributions  $4,650,628.61

Party committee contributions

Other committee contributions $264,614.87
Candidate contributions $5,400.00
Transfers from other authorized committees  $421,603.22

Its pretty clear from the data that the two campaigns are about equal in financial resources, with Schrier somewhat ahead in the overall.  The question for Dr Schrier is, What mysterious forces operate in the Rossi campaign that do not also operate in the Schrier campaign?  Where are those dark forces the Schrier's campaign is smearing Rossi for?


You can compare all the Washington State 8th district Congressional candidates at

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Impolite Voters' Guide

Initiative 1631 (also in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese) -  Addresses global warming by taxing energy use.  The advertised purpose is to tax fossil fuel and electricity use.   Section 8, subsection 1 states "[a] pollution fee is imposed on ... electricity generated within or imported for consumption in the state"; and Subsection 5 adds that electricity from an unknown generation source may be taxed at an unspecified rate.  This includes hydropower.

Despite being vague, the basic tax rate starts at `14¢ per gallon of gasoline, approximately 4%.  Overall, energy consumption will be the about 4%, in the first year.  By the fifth year, the energy tax will be double that.  Everything's cost will be affected, from gasoline to food to keeping warm this winter.

Although the advertising for 1631 claims there will be 40,000 environmental jobs added to the state's economy, the initiative doesn't provide for any hiring.  The jobs claim comes from thin air.

Impolite recommends a NO vote.  I-1631 is a bad initiative.


Initiative 1634 (also in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese) - Addresses local authorities (mainly Seattle) imposing additional taxes and fees  on the sales of food and food related products by banning additional taxes and fees.  Taxes and fees in place already will not be affected.

Impolite believes strongly in the People's right to eat whatever they want to with being taxed, saddled with a fee, or assessed anything other than the cost of the substance.  The government's right to tax ends at the human mouth.

Impolite recommends a YES vote on I-1634


Initiative 1639 (also in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese) - Restricts firearms storage, acquisition, fuzzily describes assault firearms and poorly describes the new crime of "unauthorized" use.  Apparently a firearm owner will be charged with a crime if someone steals his firearm.  See this Impolite post for a more.

The initiative seems to require firearms not be accessible for use in an  emergency  (The US Supreme Court already struck down this requirement in the Heller (also see Cornell) decision.)  The apparent purpose of the initiative is to make everyone who uses a firearm a criminal.

Impolite is vehemently in favor of the right of the People to keep and bear arms in defense of self and the free state.  I-1639 is a very bad idea.

Impolite strongly recommends a NO vote on I-1639.


Initiative 940 (also in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese) - Part 1, Section 2 states the requirement for law enforcement to get and maintain proficiency in "violence de-escalation and mental health training" in order to make Washington communities safer.

Its Impolite's guess that if the police find themselves in a shooting situation, lives are on the line.  The act is skewed toward encounter type training, which may be practical for some aspects of police work.

Part 6, Section 7,  immunizes law enforcement from civil prosecution if they act "in good faith."

Part 5 requires law enforcement to get and maintain certification in first aid.  Application of first aid becomes the first duty of the police in a crime situation.  This idea is stupid if a shooting situation is occurring.  Part 5 (2)(c) requires the cop drop everything and render first aid even while the bullets fly. 

I 940 is not well thought out, but some basic ideas have merit.  A rework should be done and the initiative should then be re-submitted to the People.

But as it is now, I-940 is half-baked.  Impolite recommends a NO vote on I-940.


Advisory Vote No. 19 - Repeal or maintain the taxes and fees on oil transportation in Washington State.  This is a $13 million tax.  Impolite cannot find any record of an oil transportation spill (see other kinds of spills here)  in Washington State in the last 10 years, so it seems the previous tax and fee structure is working properly.  Raising the tax is stupid, except to a greedy legislature.  Advisory Vote No. 19 should be repealed.


Senator candidate review

Maria Cantwell is the three-term incumbent, Democrat, Senator from Washington State.  She was originally elected in 2000 in a largely self-financed campaign.  She borrowed her campaign funds in part from Washington Mutual (WaMu).  She secured the loan with stock in the RealNetworks company.  

Later, when RealNetworks stock price collapsed, she calmly defaulted on her loan payments, in part preciopitating the collapse of WaMu.  Thousands of WaMu depositors were not so lucky.  Cantwell does not answer Impolite's emails about this subject.

Cantwell was "the other woman" (or perhaps "creditor") in a lobbyist's divorce in 2006.  

According to Ballotpedia, Cantwell is worth$3,771,505.50, which is lower than the average net worth of Democratic Senate members in 2012 of $13,566,333.90.
Cantwell can't say anything good about how her 18 years in The Swamp have actually helped Washington families.

Impolite suggests its time for Cantwell to make way for a fresh face.



Susan Hutchison is a former television news journalist, running as a Republican, for Senator against Maria Cantwell.  Hutchison ran the Charles & Lisa Simonyi Fund for Arts & Sciences philanthropy organization since its inception.  She has real experience doing what is good while minding the resources she has to do the job.

Wikipedia gives Hutchinson's background:

"Hutchison serves as an officer of the following boards: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, DC), Finance Chair (present) of Young Life International, Vice Chair (present) All-Star Orchestra, Vice President (present) and Chair (2006-2009) Seattle Symphony, and on the following boards: Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation, Discovery Institute, and Salvation Army.

"She also has been a spokesperson for the American Leprosy Mission, Northwest Medical Teams, Job Corps, and March of Dimes, and has emceed charitable auctions, fundraising events and dinners.

"Her civic involvement includes the Governor’s A+ Commission on Education, National Collegiate Athletic Association Committee on Compliance, the King County Independent Task Force on Elections, and the Chancellor’s Advisory Council for Seattle Community Colleges."
Ballotpedia has additional information here.

Impolite plans to vote for Susan Hutchison for a change.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Too easy to vote? -- again and again?

Go ahead, register to vote.  Several times.  No hurry.  You have until the day before the election, in case  polling shows things aren't going the "correct" way.

See how easy it is to register? See this scan of the new offer to register the state of Washington is sending out.

Click on the image to see a larger image.

In the words of the post card, "Register online.  Its quick and easy."

Washington State is going to have a bumper crop of voter fraud this time around.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gun Control -- the facts about I-1639

The website reveals how I-1639 will hamper your ability to use weapons to defend yourself against criminals. (It must annoy the gun haters/gun grabbers to wonder how they forgot to register this domain name.) The site furnishes facts on how this gun-control initiative will infringe on the law-abiding citizens’ constitutional rights, and make it more difficult for you to protect your family.

Highlights of the extreme gun-control provisions in I-1639 include:
  • Classifying ordinary, recreational rifles in common use as "assault" weapons;
  • Imposing age-based gun purchase and possession bans on law-abiding adults, including a prohibition on adults aged 18-20 acquiring or purchasing semi-automatic rifles classified as "assault" weapons;
  • Introducing new storage requirements that impede the use of guns for lawful self-defense and punish gun owners for the acts of criminals;
  • Imposing a new $25 fee on sales and transfers of all guns that fall within the new definition of "assault" weapons;
  • Allowing the government to establish a “verification” process to enforce compliance and authorize confiscation of firearms, based on the mandatory disclosure of information from gun retailers and gun owners. makes it easy for voters to stay informed, register to vote, volunteer their time, and download material that highlights their opposition to this latest Seattle-elitist inspired gun grab.

Vote NO on I-1639.  It is the billionaires' initiative, not the peoples'

If you like a complete exposition of the dry facts -- 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Gun control initative 1639 back on ballot

The Washington state Supreme Court has ruled that the proposed gun-restriction measure, Initiative 1639, will appear on November’s election ballot.  The Thurston Superior Court had ruled that the initiative did not conform to rules for initiatives.

But a four-page order released Friday and signed by Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst reversed the lower court’s ruling.

State law “does not allow for pre-election judicial review of the form, process, substance, or constitutionality of an initiative petition,” according to the order.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman had expressed concerns about the formatting of the petitions, but said she had no legal authority to block it from the ballot. The justices on Friday noted that in their decision.

The gun restriction initiative campaign relied on lavish contributions from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg's personal gun-ban front group, "Everytown for Gun Safety," donated $250,000.

If enacted, I-1639 will
  • raises the purchase age to 21 for semi-auto rifles
  • mandate training
  • enhanced background checks
  • waiting periods
  • require owners to keep firearms secured
  • leave lawful gun owners to face criminal charges if someone prohibited from possessing a weapon takes a lawfully owned firearm. 
If enacted, I'm sure I-1639 will save zero lives -- but the rich will never let the People's right to self-defense get in the way of nervous authoritarian control.



Impolite is against restrictions on the People's rights.

I-1639 strongly resembles the bills the legislature was bandying about last session, primarily Substitute Senate Bill 5444Also see Impolite's articles on Gun Control Washington follow upCivilian gun restriction plans in Washington State, and Attorney General Bob Ferguson calls for Gun Bans.

Its clear that if  I-1639 ballots a yes, then even though the Washington State Supreme Court must overturn it for the same reasons Thurston County did, the authoritarian left in the legislature will be emboldened to enact similar bans. 


Washington State Constitution, Article 1, Section 24: RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. 

"The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men."  [A citizen has the right to be armed, but not to form a private army].

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