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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lies about McKenna website is lying. They insinuate Attorney General Rob McKenna lobbied for a personal pay increase and lobbied against a minimum wage increase at the same time. The two events are years apart. represents these two incidents as happening at the same time.

In 2007, all elected officials got a pay raise from the Washington Citizens' Commission.  Attorney General McKenna was one of them. 

Four years later, the economy had soured badly. Washington State law requires an automatic increase in state minimum wage.  The automatic law does not recognize bad economic times.  In 2011, McKenna advised the legislature an increase in compulsory minimum wage would work hardship and force some vulnerable businesses to lay off people.

With 8 years service as Attorney General for the State of Washington, Rob McKenna is a far better qualified choice than Jay Inslee. Vote for Rob McKenna for governor.

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