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Monday, September 20, 2010

Did Patty Murray help?

Senator Patty Murray boasts she backed all the bailouts and small business "tax breaks." (See YouTube) Despite what CNBC and like Party controlled cheerleaders say, its clear the bailouts have prolonged the economic malaise.

Normal economics require re-allocation of productive assets and labor be done freely. In normal economics this hurts for a short time. But free markets are very quick, then everyone is back to work again. Patty Murray worked to freeze the economy instead, causing a longer agony.

The "tax breaks" have been so intricate they applied mainly if the small business was already flush enough they could afford to hire the staff necessary to comply with the breaks. In other words, the only businesses who could afford the breaks were businesses which didn't need them. The other way a business could obtain a "small business tax break" is by towing the "Democratic" Party line, i.e. kickbacks and corruption.

Patty Murray has helped to push the nation deeper into debt. Murray has saddled the children with a monster debt burden for decades to come, but Patty doesn't care. She has power and she boasts about it. This is the "Democratic" Party's main failing: Eating the young.

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