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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Patty Murray & Her Newest Dishonest Campaign Ad

Originally posted as Patty on Dino on Boeing on the Seattle Times opinion page, by Bruce Ramsey

In a new ad, Sen. Patty Murray has charged Dino Rossi with not caring about Boeing jobs, which is ridiculous. The ad goes like this:
Announcer: Illegal foreign subsidies are threatening Boeing jobs, putting the Air Force tanker contract in jeopardy. When Dino Rossi was asked if he thought Boeing workers should have a level playing field, he said…

Dino Rossi: No, not as far as I’m concerned.

Announcer: Dino doesn’t get it… He doesn’t care enough about our jobs going overseas. Dino Rossi - just not on our side.

Sen. Murray: I’m Patty Murray and I sponsored this ad because the men and women who defend our country should be flying planes built in America.
This ad pulled a Rossi quote out of context. He said it in an editorial board at the Tacoma News Tribune. Here is how it went:
QUESTION: On the issue of trade, I wanted to ask Mr. Rossi about WTO rulings that have come out both against the EU and the US - and I realize we’re still sorting out the U.S. and how bad that may be. But if it does come out as it appears, at least from the US side, that Airbus got harder than Boeing did, do you believe that should have a factor - be a factor in the awarding of the tanker contract?

ROSSI: We need to fight for the tanker contract no matter what. The ruling, how it ever comes out - the reality is that the Boeing company since 1977 has lost 30,000 jobs in our state and we have to make sure we fight hard for that. You know, I’ve had a family member working continuously for the Boeing company since World War II and I - talk about a Boeing family, you want to talk about a Boeing family. And unfortunately there - this is, I think, where we - where I divert from Senator Murray on a number of different things. The Boeing company, they don’t want things like - that Senator Murray’s sponsoring such as card check, which is eliminating the secret ballot for unions. They don’t want the $150 million tax increase that they calculate as going to be coming from the health care bill. These are the sorts of things that are going to hurt the Boeing company.

I will be there. I will fight the, obviously fight for jobs. The reality is that we have to make sure that we have the right playing field to do that. And I will be, you know - strong on those issues.

Q: When you say “fight for it,” and “you want a level playing field” - I’m not still understanding if you’re saying that that WTO ruling should have a factor in the tanker bid?

ROSSI: No, not as far as I’m concerned, no.
Is the questioner asking about the WTO ruling against Airbus earlier this year or the WTO ruling against (and also for) Boeing just released? The question is not clear. The Boeing ruling is news; the Airbus ruling isn’t, so it’s more likely the questioner is talking about the Boeing ruling, and that Rossi is saying that it not be a reason to deny the contract to Boeing.

Rossi’s spokeswoman said that’s what he meant. The Murray campaign assumed otherwise, and issued a statement that began this way:

"Seattle, WA , Sept. 20- Instead of standing up for Washington state Boeing workers as Senator Patty Murray has always done, constant candidate Dino Rossi today said that illegal, job-killing WTO subsidies given to Airbus should NOT be taken into account in awarding the next Air Force tanker contract.

"The next day, a Rossi spokeswoman was asked whether Rossi would have the Air Force ignore the French subsidies to Airbus as well as the U.S. subsidies to Boeing. (The USAF has said it is ignoring both rulings, but nobody was asking them.) And the Rossi spokeswoman said she'd have to ask Rossi."

Which was reasonable. If the spokeswoman doesn't know, she shouldn't make stuff up. The Murray camp immediately put out a press release saying:

Dino Rossi’s first instinct was to throw Washington workers under the bus and even upon reflection he’s not so sure whether job-killing subsidies should be considered in the tanker bids. He doesn’t understand or doesn’t care..."

And then the Murray camp went on the air with their ad accusing Rossi of not caring about Washington workers.

This is nonsense. Dino Rossi did not express an uncaring sentiment; he was for Boeing "no matter what." And further: as a senator from Washington he would have to be. No senator from Washington, Democrat or Republican, would put the interests of France, Spain and the U.K. ahead of the Boeing Company.

The senator's ad is dishonest. It is preposterous.

In slamming Murray's ads, I am not defending Rossi’s. He has one that blames Sen. Murray for Boeing setting up 787 assembly plant in South Carolina, and also for moving its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago, implying that it was her job to prevent those acts. They were corporate acts, and Murray cannot be blamed for them. Nor could any other senator. So those, in my view, are misleading. But they are not as grossly malicious as the Murray ads.


Patty Murray issued the video "Airbus" repeating her lies about Dino Rossi. Power is so important to Patty Murray she will repeat a distortion even after the lie is exposed. She ought to retire from the Senate.


  1. Murray is foolishly hurting herself with all her dishonest and deceptive ads. One dishonest ad is replaced by another dishonest ad within a couple days after news sources cry foul. She's obviously hoping people won't find out the truth until it's too late.

  2. Murray knows full well that Rossi DOES support financial reform - but NOT the kind Patty voted for after big banks helped write the bill. The single biggest problems were Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The financial reform bill Patty and her friends voted for EXCLUDES Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. How stupid can you get? The lying Moron In Tennis Shoes is just trying to cover another one of her giant screw-ups that continue to trash people's savings and jobs. So she tries to blame someone else to avoid telling people the truth. DISGUSTING!!!

  3. tammykl is right about banks the "Democratic" Party decided not to molest. But the Moron In Tennis Shoes is not trying to do any good.

    Here's why:

    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are both government sponsored enterprises; creations of Congress. They have served the Left well in undermining world confidence in American banking. The US dollar index is sliding in anticipation of the inflation released by this government.

    The other purpose of those GSE's is to be a handy source of dirty money for the "Democratic" Party. Nothing beats a corrupt faucet of cash if you're a Democrat.


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