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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're working to stay a democracy....

Last Autumn, Washington State voters enacted Initiative 1053 to require new revenue sources -- taxes, fees, licenses, etc. -- be enacted by at least a 2/3rds vote of the legislature. Almost immediately, the majority party (the "Democratic" Party) created a committee of "experts" to enact fee rises without legislative approval. The majority party insists bypassing the will of the People was not a violation of I-1053.

These "experts" were persuaded by their political masters to resurrect tolls on several bridges and highways, then designate the new funds as general revenue.

In response, Voters Want More Choices filed Initiative 1125 to stop the charging of tolls, and re-require the legislature to enact new revenues according to the law.

Recently Governor Christine Gregoire decided to ambush the people. She and her "pals" have arranged to sell state debt, earmarking the new tolls as the source of funds to repay the debt. If the governor and her buddies manage to do this, they will effectively defeat I-1125 before election day. If the funds are already committed to pay back new bonds, the tolls have to go into effect.

Voters Want More Choices filed suit.

“A lawsuit has been filed this week challenging the State’s attempt to circumvent Initiative 1125. The people of the State of Washington are now voting on Initiative 1125 which institutes some basic protections with regard to tolling policy. Knowing this, the State Finance Committee, composed of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the State Treasurer, held a last minute special meeting with less than two days public notice to authorize the sale of bonds. These bonds pledge tolls from the 520 bridge, based on a variable tolling scheme which will be prohibited if the initiative is approved by voters.

“Issuing bonds on a variable tolling scheme at the last minute, days before the election, is an obvious attempt by three State officials to bind the hands of the voters for the next 30 years. If their scheme is not challenged (immediately), this tactic will give the state an argument that the people's vote on Initiative 1125 came one week too late.

“On behalf of all Washington voters, this suit is a defense against this below-the-radar-screen attempt by state officials to undermine the people’s right to initiative and right to vote.”
-- Dick Stephens

In a free country, no one is above the law. We need to remind to the legislators that they work for the People and they must follow the rules the People make for them. Or the legislators should find another line of work.

If only Gregoire and her political pals hadn't given the all state employees an average 14% raise in 2010, perhaps the state would not have to cut $2 billion from the current budget. Its should be noted Washington State employee already made about $19,500 more per year than a comparable private sector employee in 2010.

Gregoire and her buddies clearly timed the announcement to subvert the vote on I-1185. So everything is to be cut 10%. Such clumsiness happens because the Olympia is trying to take too much at a time when taking too much is not wise. We don't need the old bromide about having heart -- we need the governor and her batty colleagues to think.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tipping Point

Are we at a tipping point? There is enough power to be had promising everything that politicians are not what they used to be. The Democratic Party has endorsed too much authoritarianism to rightly bear the name "Democratic" anymore.

Consider the autocrats in Olympia. The elected legislature is empowered by the state constitution to enact taxes and fees. Every state has similar provisions. But in Washington State, the legislature cannot enact rises without a 2/3rd majority. So the Democrats referred all fee rises to as gang of 7 unelected bureaucrats. Representation in taxation has been suppressed.

The Democrats got around the 2/3rds requirement in an undemocratic and unconstitutional way. In the process, they stripped the legislature of the power to raise taxes and fees.

We might all effectively be slaves soon -- unless you and I are willing to fight. Vote Yes on I-1125.

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