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Monday, September 20, 2010

Patty Murray is lying about Dino Rossi.

In this official campaign ad, Murray claims Dino Rossi sold himself to Wall Street Financial interests.

Patty Murray is lying.

The Facts
According to the Federal Election Commission, Dino Rossi got donations from 30 Political Action Committees, for a total of 6.4% of all of his campaign donations. Almost 87% of Rossi's campaign donations come from individual donations. But...

Mr Rossi got no banking PAC donations at all.. None. Zero. Zilch.

On the other hand, according to the Federal Election Commission report on her, Patty Murray got donations from a total of 1219 Political Action Committees, 1121 of which are out-of-state. Patty Murray received 24.3% of her campaign funding from PACs. Only 75.7% came from individuals.

Senator Patty Murray took in $11,600 from 3 different banking PACs. If you count non-banking financial institutions, this amount goes much, much higher.

Patty Murray's claims are so outrageous they call for investigation. Washington State voters have to decide if they like Patty Murray lying to them.

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