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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Legislators fiddle while Washington burns

Governor Gregoire has announced she will authorize across the board cuts to state agencies starting October 1. We won’t know how big those cuts will be until Thursday’s quarterly revenue forecast update.

The state has collected about $190 million less than expected since the June revenue forecast. (This is no surprise. Taxes depress economic activity, a point the "Democratic" Party mulishly refuses to get --- BQ.)

Thursday’s forecast is likely to be bad enough to wipe out the state’s remaining reserves, and to push the budget into the red. Hence, Governor Gregoire’s executive order for budget cuts.

Posted by Amber Gunn at Liberty Live


  1. Cuts? Shurely not -- higher taxes!


  2. Gee... Don't you think our Guvnoire would keep her word?


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