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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well, you're on your own....

Tomorrow you can finally start working for yourself.

The typical Washington State slave citizen must work more than two-thirds of the year — 241 days to be exact — to pay for all the expenses of government at all levels of governnment (federal, state, and local), including regulatory burdens.

Calculated by Americans for Tax Reform, today - August 29 - marks the day when the average Washington resident stops working to pay for the enormous cost of free spending Democratic PArty controlled government.

Washington’s Cost of Government Day is 10 days later than the national date, August 19. In 2010, we are fifth worst in the country. Last year Washington’s Cost of Government Day fell on August 17.

Not only do we work longer than 45 other states to support our bloated government, Washington State's debt to Gross State Product ratio is nearing 26%. Only eight other states are worse off. Washington State is only few hundredths of a percent less in debt than California.

The "Democratic" Party controlled government has been giving their cronies billions of our tax dollars. Christine Gregoire and the Olympia "Democratic" Party have saddled us with huge debt.


See US Debtclock dot Org

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr Kettle Black, Sen. Pot "Reports."

Senator Patty Murray slings mud at the Dino Rossi campaign

The Dino Rossi campaign solicited donations, and the corporate lobbyists came to donate. Patty Murray pouts this theme in her new advertisement. Murray tried to suggest Rossi has sold out to his donors, as if Patty Murray were as pure as the driven snow. Of course she is innocent Democrat, 18 years in Washington DC Beltway insider. Her insider status explains why she is pure.

Open Secret

From report posted July 7 2010, "LOBBYISTS TOP LIST OF SENATOR'S BIGGEST CAMPAIGN DONORS: Now seeking her fourth term in office, the donor list for Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) may reflect one of the benefits of incumbency: Lobbyists are the senator's biggest campaign supporters."

According to the list of 100 top donors in 1998, Boeing Co donated $24,230, making them number 3 on the list of corporate donors. No wonder she campaigned for the Boeing KC-767 Tanker design rather than the Northrup design. KC-767 would be made in Everett Washington.

If we are to judge Senatorial candidates by the donors they keep, certainly we should judge the candidate by the accusations leveled against those donors, PMA Group, an Arlington, Virginia based corporation. PMA has not been found guilty of anything, yet but does the accusation color the water?

By Murray's subsequent action is does. She felt so guilty about the PMA donation, she made a donation to a food bank. Gee, doesn't that make her all warm and fuzzy?

If you think you cannot trust incumbent Senator, you're on to Patty "Murky" Murray.

Compare Candidates

Mr Rossi has been a businessman with experience in the real world. Private business will teach you right away about the importance of fiscal responsibility. A businessman must think in terms of priority and restraint. Mr Rossi understands the economy is broken because of Big Government inteference, something Ms Murray doesn't seem to grasp. Rossi is also serves as academician on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Business at Seattle University. More at the Dino Rossi campaign site.

Ms Murray has never been anything but a lawyer or a Senator. Lawyers think in terms of "billable hours." Democrat Senators tend to think in terms of "taxability," not accountability. This lack of real world experience gives her a blind spot about responsible government. She has voted largely the party line, and she voted for federalizing health care and she voted for the catastrophic increase in taxes that will require.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Democratic Party versus the truth

We get to suffer for their mistakes.
"Who cares?" they say, "Have another fat cigar."

Some people think the President makes law. The President makes suggestions, but Congress makes the law of the land, which the President then signs. When George W Bush was President, it was the Republicans in Congress who made us prosper.

Democratic Party members insist George Bush's policies failed. If so, the timing is interesting, because it wasn't until after the Democratic Party took full control of Congress the economy began to wobble. When the Democratic Party took control of the Presidency too the nation's economy collapsed.

The Democratic Party must believe George Bush has spooky influence now that he is out of office. Repu-u-ublican... boo!

Clearly the policies of the Democratic Party have failed. And no wonder. Their policies are based on the notion that central planning works. If that were so, the militaristic Soviet Union would still be around. Central planning requires force. I doubt the Democratic Party have the nerve, but for them not to use force means more and more malaise.

So how do you plan to vote this November?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Washington State Primaries Recommendations

State Positions
The State Supreme Court contests are vital to the future of Washington State. Please make sure you vote in these races. The Court must not be controlled by the massive government interests which currently control the legislature. Keep in mind, the Big Government legislature currently has us slated for another $3 billion in taxation. Do you support that?

My picks for the State Supreme Court
Pos.1. Jim Johnson. The primary determines who wins this race.
Pos.5 Barbara Madsen (unopposed)
Pos.6 Richard Sanders

Federal Positions
Opposing Big Government and massive centralized power in the federal government is just as vital for the future of the United States. I believe these candidates will resist the growth of federal intrusion into private life and will resist the growth of government debt.

U.S. Senate: Clint Didier - I watched Mr Didier take a live interview from some hostile policy wonks. Mr Didier impressed me as genuinely interested in building federal government which is responsive to citizens, and which would function within the bounds of the US Constitution. Mr Didier's website.

If you have already voted for Rossi, you're still okay with me, even though he is not as good a choice as Mr Didier. Mr Rossi is a far superior choice to the corrupt incumbent Patty Murray. Patty Murray must go.

U.S. House
1st District (Bainbridge Island, to north King County, to Kirkland and Redmond): James Watkins.
2nd District (Everett north to the Canadian border): John Koster
3rd District (Thurston county south to the Oregon border): Either David Castillo or Jaime Herrera. Both candidates are good.
4th District (Wenatchee - Yakima – Tri Cities): Richard (Doc) Hastings
5th District (Spokane and most of the rest of eastern Washington): Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
6th District (Bremerton – Peninsula): Jesse Young
7th District (Seattle): Bill Hoffman
8th District (Bellevue and east King County to Mt. Rainier): Dave Reichert
9th District (Pierce-Thurston counties): Dick Muri

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Senator Patty Murray (D) Sucks Up to Public Employee Unions... again

The U.S. economy continues to lose jobs and where is Patty Murray? The headline in the Washington Post says it all --- "Economy Sputters." The nation's economy continued to frazzle out as private-sector employers added just 71,000 jobs in July, reports the Post.

"The small increase in private-sector employment was more than offset by the loss of 143,000 temporary census jobs, and the nation's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.5 percent. Overall, the nation shed 131,000 jobs in July."

Meanwhile, Sen. Patty Murray continues to vote for job-killing spending bills we can't afford.

Patty Murray is voting like she thinks there no hard times, no economic crisis and no debt. This week she supported a so-called "jobs" bill that not only cost taxpayers $26 million, but also took away money that was intended to go for U.S. troops.

The bill bails out states with a one-time infusion of federal taxpayer dollars to states to pay for state employees!

The Washington Post description:

"The crusade for an education jobs bill, led by the Obama administration and Democratic leaders in Congress, has always struck us as more of an election-year favor for teachers unions than an optimal use of public resources. Billed as an effort to stimulate the economy, it's not clearly more effective than alternative uses of the cash."

Its worth remembering that during George Bush's final two years in office, the Democrats controlled the Congress, where laws are made. Beginning in 2007, with Democrats making law, the economy began to run rough. Compare that to the entire time Republicans ran the Congress (even under Bill Clinton's presidency) the economy of the country hummed along. Republicans know how to make the economy work for everyone. Blaming George Bush or Republicans for the present state of the economy is nonsense.

Unemployment is at 9.5%. Millions of Americans are in this personal economic disaster, the disaster which is happening on Patty Murray's watch. Yet Senator Murray continues to vote for the same kind of hyper-spending bills which caused the disaster in the first place. The inescapeable conclusion is Patty Murray is out of touch.

Do us all a favor and help vote her out of office come November.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Senator Patty Murray(D) says Dino Rossi(R) bad.

Murray says Rossi is icky-poo too

The Patty Murray campaign made an ad stating Senator Murray(D) backed the Senate's financial regulation bill (the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 - ha-ha-ha). The ad stated her opponent Dino Rossi would reverse the FINREG bill.

Patty Murray's ad hinted that FINREG would make Wall Street pay (for what?). Murray hinted that FINREG was hard on Wall Street. BullCrap. Look at the chart. FINREG was enacted into law July 22 (the date is marked with a dot). Wall Street has done okay in the Patty Murray endorsed purgatory.

The ad went on that times are tough in Washington State, job are in decline, things are hard on ordinary folk, etc. Murray's ad concluded since Rossi would reverse the FINREG, he is on the the "Side of Wall Street, not the little people." BullCrap 2.

FINREG was enacted July 22, Stock rise. Clearly Patty Murray wants to set it up so only her buddies on Wall Street win and the rest of us... we can sink. Lying Patty Murray does not care.

Wall Street was a servant of the people until liars like Murray began to use the government to corrupt it. Patty Murray will distort and lie about history itself in order to stay in power.

All the disasters for the "little people" mentioned in the Patty Murray advertisement have happened to us while Patty Murray was on watch. Clearly, Patty Murray is incompetent to help, or worse -- she's cutting herself in on government allocated profits.

We can lose our freedom, investments or grandmother's life savings and Patty Murray will launch another Lie Campaign to trick us. In a classic Class Warfare misdirection, Comrade Patty Murkey seeks to confuse the masses into voting for her.

Patty Murray stinks. She must go.

Simultaneously posted at Resistance and Life.

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