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Monday, November 23, 2009

More Taxes

Make the Democratic Party rich by sucking the life out of the rest of us.

Listening to last week's hearing in Olympia by the Economic & Revenue Forecast Council, Governor Gregoire and the Democrats couldn't have been clearer about their top legislative priority: raising taxes. My favorite was Democrat Senator Rodney Tom: we're gonna tax things "we never dreamed of." They've been dreaming of a state income tax on everyone forever -- they love higher sales taxes because it brings in tons of revenue -- they've always supported higher property taxes -- they adore bigger business taxes, gigantic gas taxes, catastrophic car tab taxes, titanic tobacco taxes, larger liquor taxes, and unlimited utility taxes. But those are taxes that they've thought of before -- on top of those, they're pushing taxes they've "never dreamed of." With their imaginations and their power, be afraid, be very afraid.

More taxes = longer recession. So raising taxes is willful economic suicide but it's what Big Labor has ordered them to do (

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Initiative 1033 follow on

This item was sent out by Timothy Eyman.

RE: How ironic: Mr. Disclosure Sam Reed asks the Court to block disclosure - hearing: Fri, 9 am, before Judge Richard Hicks

For months, Secretary Reed and his staff have made numerous claims that are at variance with the facts. The greatest thing about our lawsuit (RE: citizens and their names, signatures, and home addresses on initiative petitions should be protected from harassment, commercial exploitation, and identity theft) -- the greatest benefit is the opportunity to have Secretary Reed answer questions under oath and under penalty of perjury. We have been especially eager to receive the results from discovery: the disclosure of requested documents and the answers to written questions. It would no doubt prove embarrassing for Secretary Reed for his under-penalty-of-perjury-answers to contradict earlier statements, assertions, and claims made earlier when he and his staff were made not under oath.

So it was especially ironic to have Secretary Reed file a motion with Judge Hicks to NOT DISCLOSE DOCUMENTS and to NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS under oath. Given his supposed commitment to disclosure, transparency, and openness, it is truly ironic to have him take such a contradictory stance.

This Friday at 9 am at the Thurston County courthouse, Superior Court Judge Richard Hicks will hopefully order Secretary Reed to comply with discovery. But regardless of the court's ruling, it is important for the public and the press to make note of Secretary Reed's hypocritical position: he's committed to disclosure as long as he's not implicated [in obfuscation].

You see, the leftist mind control NEA (Yes, the National Education Association) spent millions of dollars in advertising to defeat initiative 1033. The NEA also filed for and received a list of all the signatories to the petition. Why would they take such unusual action? Perhaps to harass and intimidate signers? Such prying seems pointless otherwise.

I hope things aren't that far gone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Democratic lawmakers are greedy

Referendum-71 was enacted, mainly so the Washington State "Democratic" Party could buy another constituency "buddy". These little "Democratic" Party constituencies are getting very expensive for the taxpayer. Tax revolt specialist Tim Eyman had proposed Initiative-1033 in remedy, but big government types came out with $3.5 million to spend against the already broken taxpayer: I-1033 spent nothing, we the taxpayers are broke. I-1033 was defeated.

The tax burden is nearly crushing everyone's imitative.

Andrew Garber reported in the Seattle Times, Wednesday, November 11, 2009, in an article titled, State Democrats Facing Revolt By Labor [Unions]:

"State Democratic lawmakers have a revolt on their hands among major labor groups that provide the party crucial support during elections. The Washington State Labor Council, the Service Employees International Union and unions representing teachers and state workers have either stopped or sharply reduced donations to Democratic caucus political-action committees that back candidates for the state House and Senate. "I think the labor movement is more serious about withholding support from Democratic candidates this year than I have seen in my 30 years in politics," said Dwight Pelz, chairman of the state Democratic Party. There's even talk of trying to defeat some Democratic incumbents if they don't support issues important to labor in the next legislative session — such as raising taxes to help close a growing budget shortfall."

Despite the fact Washington State "Democratic" government has driven Boeing's new production out of the state; despite the fact the Washington State "Democratic" government has already sent much of Microsoft’s software development to India; despite generally taxing the people to death already; Washington State "Democratic" government is whimpering. They want more taxes to give to their buddies in big labor.

The planned tax increase is $9 billions. That's an increase of nearly $2000 per person. No wonder Seattle is full of "Vacancy" signs. Will the last person leaving the state please pay our taxes before turning out the light?

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