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Monday, March 1, 2010

a little tax protest

Washington State Governoire Christine Gregoire overthrew the people's initiative 960 so her party can raise state taxes. The "Democratic" Party has never liked the democratic process when it gets in the way of them raising taxes.

Time Eyman appeared at the ceremonial signing so he could present his opposition to the dismantling of democracy and the resulting tax increase. He can be excused for being a little juvenile. I suspect he wanted to vomit.

Tim Eyman said, "[I]t was just my way to peacefully protest an enormous injustice. It also gave me an opportunity to counter Gregoire's statements and speak out. As you can imagine, feedback almost perfectly matches KING 5's polling results -- the 24% who think the Democrats were right to suspend I-960 are outraged by my protest, the 68% who were against the Democrats' suspension of I-960 are supportive or OK with my protest, but most people rightly don't care one way or the other. After all, my disrespect for the Governor won't cost taxpayers anything -- whereas Gregoire's disrespect for the voters by overturning voter-approved I-960 will cost taxpayers billions of dollars in higher taxes."

The smiling Governor Christine Gregoire was apparently unaware of the gesture Eyman was making behind her back.

Well, at least we still have free speech in Washington State. Word is, the "Democratic" Party is working on ways to tax that too.

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