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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

$680 milion more

The State House enacted $680 million in new taxes today.

In a move which can only cripple the state economy, the Democrat controlled legislature enacted a 4.8% overall increase in tax. If Governor Gregoire gets her way, the state take of the sales tax will increase to 6.8% of all retail sales in the state. The overall authorization will exceed 10.5% in some counties.

''We're all here to make a courageous decision in a balanced way, and that's what this bill does,'' said Rep. Marko Liias, D-Mukilteo. The Democrats call pandering to the Service Employees International Union bosses courageous. Its clear the Democrats expect the SEIU to support Democrat candidates with money and canvassing.

One Democrat who voted against the arrogance of his party sided with the Republican minority. “I promised the people I would not [vote for] increase taxes, and I stood by my promise,” said Tim Probst, D-Clark County said. Probst has supported business friendly legislation n the past. He may be the only Democrat in Olympia who understands government does not create wealth, it only taxes it.

Most Democrats seem to think a crushing tax burden will create wealth. "Democratic" Party rationale is presented here.

“The power to tax is the power to destroy, and these tax increases are going to destroy jobs, small businesses and the future economic prosperity of our state,” said Hinkle, R-Cle Elum. “People want to work – they want a job. Since when did the equation for job creation in our state begin and end with the expansion of government?


I960, which used to protect us against unjustifiable tax increases, was suspended recently. Apparently the Democrats had to commit fraud in order to enact the suspension. A number of Democrats cast votes in place of their absent colleagues. The Evergreen Freedom Foundation broke the story.

Not only do the Democrats crash the state economy, they brag about it, and they did it illegally and screwed up by blabbling. Amazing! And criminal.

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