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Sunday, February 28, 2010


We the victims of Washington State's "Democratic" controlled government are expecting massive tax increases. The chicken-hearted governor and legislature refuses to stand up for the people and kowtowed to their special interest cronies instead.

Republic is about one law for all. No one is above the law. There is no special treatment for elected officials or government workers.

If the Republican Party is about Republic, then Republicans will connect with millions of voters in this state if they use that message.

The officials of this state have decided they are above voter approved law (960). These subverters must be ejected from office and their place given to another. 70% of this state’s voters will agree with you.

Are the Republicans ready to take the wheel? They need to talk about how government is responsible to stay out of the way of the people in their daily lives.

The current dinosaur Democrat administration will try to evade responsibility for the mess they made by placing blame on the “Economy.” This is a familiar “Democratic” Party pattern -- We need responsible government, we get evasion by the blame game.

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