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Friday, March 5, 2010

Stop the massive tax hikes!

The politicians in Olympia show huge indifference to the state. They are cranking up tax rates, seeking to feed on the lifeblood of the people. Send the State government officials an email about your concerns. May I suggest something like the following text.
As a Washington taxpayer and your constituent, I want you to know that I oppose extending the state sales tax to candy, a tax on bottled water, and boosting taxes and fees on tobacco products. These are clear violation of the will of the people.

I urge you to cut wasteful and unnecessary spending to eliminate the $2.6 billion budget shortfall.

On your watch Washington State is facing one of the toughest economies in decades. You should work to relieve the financial burden on cash-strapped families and pursue policies that encourage, rather than discourage, economic activity -- like lower sales taxes.

In addition, while backers of the tobacco tax hike say it will raise as much as $88 million annually, history has shown that raising excise tax rates does not produce projected revenue. Of the 57 excise tax increases states enacted between 2003 and 2007, only 16 met or exceeded revenue targets. Know your history.

When tobacco tax revenue fails to materialize, you will raise other taxes to make up the "shortfall."

Rather than raising any taxes -- Cut wasteful spending to pay only for vital priorities.
The "Governoire" and Legislative contacts can be found on the right.

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