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Thursday, March 4, 2010

State Income Tax (for all, eventually)

Lynn Harsh sent this in an email.

"If legislative leaders get their way, we will have a whopping new income tax next year and a big new bureaucracy to implement it.

At about noon today (Thursday), we learned that the Senate Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on a tax proposal at 4:30 p.m. (today). For the second time this week, the contents of a proposed tax bill were not available to the public in advance. Nonetheless, Amber Gunn will do her best to testify on behalf of taxpayers.

The intent of the bill was made clear in a blog by Senator Lisa Brown, its architect. She wants to pass a “temporary” three-tenths-of-a-cent sales tax increase to go into effect immediately. Coupled with her proposal is a referendum to the people, giving them the opportunity in November to repeal that three-tenths-of-a-cent increase and an additional half-cent off the state sales tax in exchange for a high earners’ 4.5 % income tax.

They are using sneaky, class warfare strategy to get the camel’s nose under the tent. Brown and her liberal colleagues have long wanted an income tax, and this is the way she intends to implement it. Don’t think for a minute the tax would be relegated only to “high earners.” In a few years, it would encompass most of us.

Perhaps the most crass part is Brown’s assertion that she wants to “let the voters decide.” That’s hard to swallow considering the public had less than five hours notice to testify on a bill whose contents were not publicly disclosed. Add to that the eight times before voters have said “no” to an income tax.

So what can you do? First, please communicate your thoughts about this issue to your elected representatives. I’d love to hear that their phone lines were swamped and their emails flooded."

Up to the minute reporting on this legislative hustle is available at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

Contact the governor and the legislature.
Governor Christine Gregoire
Find your legislator

And don't forget to vote the rascals out.

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