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Friday, March 19, 2010

Governor Gregoire is Dissatisfied.

Thars trouble a-brewin' with hyper taxation in Washington State

"[Voters are] no more frustrated than I am," Gregoire said. Democrat Gregoire claims to be unhappy with the results of overthrowing democracy in Washington State. Her approval rating is at 31%, according to Survey USA.

As recently as January, Gregoire assured the citizens that there would be no tax increases. Nobody likes a fibber.

The Democratic Party controlled legislature is fairing even worse at 20% approval, according to Survey USA. Small wonder. This legislature decided to kowtow to the SEIU union of government workers and give them a raise in the current recession. Now a Washington State employee makes about $21,000 more per year than a comparable private sector employee.

See KING-Five for more.

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