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Sunday, October 10, 2010

WA Ballot Measures Voting Recommendations 2010

For information and recommendations for the 2012 ballot, click here.

The People's dissatisfaction with Olympia's performance is manifest. The Legislature has done much in direct opposition to the will of the People and sensible government.

Its time for the People to be Impolite! Here is Washington State Impolite's Voter's Guide for statewide issues.


Initiative Measure 1053 - Concerning tax and fee increases imposed by state government.

I-1053 would restate existing statutory requirements that legislative actions raising taxes must be approved by two-thirds legislative majorities.

The legislature "suspended" the existing statutory requirement so the could spend us into an illegal $5.5 billion budget imbalance. The legislature did this by enacting taxes which have damaged the state's economy, and thus could not be collected, but were used to pretend-offset the spending madness.

(The Washington State Legislature can repeal or amend an initiative by a two-thirds vote of each house during the first two years of enactment. After those first two years, the Legislature can repeal or amend by majority vote [WA Constitution, Section 41]. The Legislature had to wait for two years to elapse because only a slight majority wanted to go on their insane spending spree.)

I-1053 re-asserts the People's control of the legislature's spending habit.

Impolite recommends you vote YES on I-1053


Initiative Measure 1082 - Reforming the state's industrial insurance.

Present law requires nearly every worker in the state be insured against on-the-job accidents. The state government maintains a monopoly as the only source of workers' insurance.

I-1082 expands workers' choice by allowing private companies to compete with the state government. Required on-the-job coverage is total. Worker premium co-pays to the state are eliminated.

Impolite recommends you vote YES I-1082


Initiative Measure 1098 - Establish a state income tax

I-1098 directly imposes a tax on people earning more than $200,000 ($400,000 if married). Sundry other taxes are reduced for the 2 year life of the initiative.

After the 2 year limit, the legislature may extend the income tax to all earners in Washington state, and re-escalate the reduced taxes.

I-1098 is odious in more ways. See Reasons To Vote No on I-1098 for more. Do you really want a new tax?

Impolite recommends you vote NO on 1098


Initiative Measure 1100 - Liquor (beer, wine and spirits) distribution and sales.

I-1100 removes the state from the business of importation, distribution and sales of liquor. The state would continue to regulate retail liquor sales permits, but with an additional classification of distilled spirits. The legislature will still lay and collect taxes on liquor sales, so state income is unaffected.

Sales to minors would still be against the law.

I-1100 does not affect state micro-brewers nor wineries. That is a lie spread by opponents of the initiative.

Impolite recommends you vote YES on I-1100.


Initiative Measure 1105 - Liquor (beer, wine and spirits) retail sales.

I-1105 would close the State Liquor Stores, but leave the State Liquor Control Board intact. Private retailers of liquor would become operatives of the state.

Impolite predicts corruption if this Byzantine initiative is enacted.

Impolite recommends you vote NO on I-1105.


Initiative Measure 1107 - Repealing the new taxes on food.

I-1107 would repeal the sales tax on candy; end temporary sales tax on some bottled water (only some bottled water was taxed); end temporary excise taxes on carbonated beverages; and reduce tax rates on in-state food processors.

I=1107 is largely a repeal of Olympia's new taxes on foods.

Impolite recommends you vote YES on I-1107

Engrossed Substitute House Joint Resolution 4220 aka Referendum Bill 52
Issuing state bonds for energy efficiency projects.

Referendum 52 asks voter approval to issue general obligation bonds for energy improvement in education buildings. The bonds are to be paid for by taxes on bottled water. The details on this are intricate. See this summary to study this measure.

In short, the state legislature seeks authorization to spend more money. Tra-la, tra-la

Impolite recommends you vote NO on Referendum 52


The state legislature proposed amendments to change to the state constitution.

Senate Joint Resolution 8225 -- Wishful Accounting amendment

Current law requires the legislature to allocate 9% of current revenue toward reduction of state debts. The state constitution allows bonds to be issued for buying things like schools buildings, bridges, fire brigade buildings other public works.

SJR 8225 would allow the legislature to pretend the federal government will send money to cover some part of current state debt, and overspend accordingly.

Impolite recommends you vote NO on SJR 8225

Engrossed Substitute House Joint Resolution 4220 - Grounds for Denial of Bail Amendment.

Current law allows a court to deny bail for a capital offense, such as murder. In other cases, bail must be "reasonable," which depends on that particular judge's judgment.

This proposed amendment would allow a court to deny bail for a persons charged with a criminal offenses which, upon conviction, could result in a life sentence.

This amendment allows the legislature to continue to decrease imposition of capital punishment. Life is valuable and execution ought to be rare, but the penalty should be available for imposition in any dastardly crime. Innocent life is most valuable life. Its hard to see how requiring an un-convicted person to sit in prison enhances the judicial process. The nature of the proposed amendment violates the judicial canon of presumption of innocence.

Impolite recommends you vote NO on HJR 4220


You can find more information on these issues at Vote Smart - Washington


  1. “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

    John Kenneth Galbraith

  2. No doubt you're aware Galbraith was a Leftist. He believed in Keynesian economics and an institutional approach to social problems. He was as witty a man as I've ever read. He was also in error.

    Government does not remedy social inequality. Instead, government prolongs misery by promoting elitism. Government control of economy requires specialists to control the People. That rapidly leads into authoritarianism.

    The People must be able to control their individual lives. If self-control looks like a "search for a superior moral justification for selfishness" to you, you have an arrogant world view.

    The People must be free.


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