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Monday, October 18, 2010

Reasons to Vote for Dino Rossi

The "Democratic" Party won't tell you where Dino Rossi actually stands. (Do you believe the cartoon of Dino Rossi the "Democratic" Party is pitching?)

Government has been complicating the economic recovery in the United States. So the number one issue is the economy.

Economic Growth is harmed by the National Debt - The current federal debt load is unsustainable, yet the Demos announced plans for a $1.4 trillion in federal deficit for 2011. That will increase the federal debt to $15.4 trillion. Reduce federal deficit. Keep the politicians from spending all our money. We must consider the future.
Reduce Government Spending - Our national debt topped $13 trillion this year. If Congress keeps spending your money at this unprecedented pace, our national debt will reach $19.6 trillion by 2015.
Health care is the ultimate individual issue. Nothing is more personal than health care. Has health care been improved or worsened by the current administration's health care law?

Fix Health Care
- The bill passed by Congress was standard tax-and-spend with a little bit of health care sprinkled on top. It must be repealed in entirety. The spending must be stopped and the taxes must be controlled.
Real health care reform must be enacted - Access to health care must be improved. So permit citizens to buy health insurance from out-of-state (this is presently restricted). Allow small business to join together in health insurance buying groups (this is presently forbidden). Give individual buyers a full tax discount for their health insurance premiums.
Rossi on health care

Taxes are one of the two principle tools government uses to implement policy (the other is regulation)

Tax Code Reform - Economic development and innovation are being strangled by hyper taxation. Control taxes to promote economic growth and job creation. Straighten out the tax code so it is equitable instead of labyrinthine. Stop new broad-based taxes.

Energy - We need to reduce American dependence by developing more of our own resources. Cap & Trade is a terrible idea - it is a tax, not a solution.

National governments must control the border or else the nation ceases to be.

Control the Border and Fix Immigration
Rossi on Immigration

Defend America - We need a strong military, and a strong sense of mission.

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  1. Excellent guy, I SO HOPE HE WINS!
    Thanks for coming by geeeeZ, please come back again.
    I'm sending this link to Washington friends though they are already on Rossi's side, maybe they'll have good ammunition here from you to send to their brain dead lib friends... !?


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