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Monday, October 25, 2010

Examining King County Ballots

Live webcam in King County's election ballot counting room.

This is the room where about 1,400 ballots cast by imaginary King County voters were counted in the 2004 over-vote scandal. Since this is a live web cast, it will be interesting to see if anything is revealed in 2010. Probably nothing, since the extra ballots were "found" in a mail room before being brought here to be counted.

Scandals like the over-vote weaken the confidence of the voting public in election results. Democracy is based on the idea that the majority of the People constitute the wisest government. If the voice of the People is being squelched by corrupt politicians, then wisdom is also squelched.

That's the old democratic theory of democracy. Its a shame the modern "Democratic" Party has brought so much doubt into the ballot count. King County is a "Democratic" Party machine controlled county.

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  1. Vote fraud is rife, especially in 'rat infested states. It clearly happened in Washington state in 2004, and very probably in 2008. Other states, such as Illinois and New Jersey have a long history of Democrat vote fraud.

    No more. Vote fraud is one of the most basic forms of sedition, subverting the very right of the American people to choose who and how they are governed.

    Those who make the choice to commit this heinous crime have agreed in advance that their lives are forfeit.


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