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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Patty Murray Attack Ad Is Out

The tangled new Patty Murray attack ad, called "Trust", claims Dino Rossi would 'turn back the clock' on abortion rights. Patty Murray had to turn back the calendar several years to find material she could distort into an attack.

The ad menacingly insinuates Mr Rossi would deny women self-sovereignty. He voted against Washington State mandating all private insurance be required to cover contraception, funding of abortion, and battered women unemployment coverage.

Mr Rossi did not vote to make women a target of domestic violence. The "Democratic" Party controlled legislature did by rigging the bill with government control garbage. The "Democratic" Party did this to manufacture an issue at women's expense.

Mr Rossi was voting for your freedom to get the kind of health insurance you wish to buy --- not state mandated, compulsory one-size-fits-all insurance coverage.

Ask Patty Murray this question: What kind of self-sovereignty do you get if you are entirely dependent on the government to provide it?

The answer is: None at all.

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  1. The moron in tennis shoes is resurrecting one of her previous false ads claiming she saved thousands of Boeing jobs from going to France. Lie. Blatant lie. Bald-faced lie. From a bald-faced liar.

    Since it is illegal for anyone - politician or otherwise - to interfere with the federal procurement process why doesn't she explain exactly what she did, when she did it, and how it stopped something she had no part in.


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