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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well, you're on your own....

Tomorrow you can finally start working for yourself.

The typical Washington State slave citizen must work more than two-thirds of the year — 241 days to be exact — to pay for all the expenses of government at all levels of governnment (federal, state, and local), including regulatory burdens.

Calculated by Americans for Tax Reform, today - August 29 - marks the day when the average Washington resident stops working to pay for the enormous cost of free spending Democratic PArty controlled government.

Washington’s Cost of Government Day is 10 days later than the national date, August 19. In 2010, we are fifth worst in the country. Last year Washington’s Cost of Government Day fell on August 17.

Not only do we work longer than 45 other states to support our bloated government, Washington State's debt to Gross State Product ratio is nearing 26%. Only eight other states are worse off. Washington State is only few hundredths of a percent less in debt than California.

The "Democratic" Party controlled government has been giving their cronies billions of our tax dollars. Christine Gregoire and the Olympia "Democratic" Party have saddled us with huge debt.


See US Debtclock dot Org


  1. Finally! Hey, I was reading your profile,and I was wondering...are you from the Untied States, or the United States? Just sayin......

  2. You're sharper eyed than most.

    I was born in the United States, but the have become the Tied-up States. "Untied States" is wishful thinking on my part.


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