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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr Kettle Black, Sen. Pot "Reports."

Senator Patty Murray slings mud at the Dino Rossi campaign

The Dino Rossi campaign solicited donations, and the corporate lobbyists came to donate. Patty Murray pouts this theme in her new advertisement. Murray tried to suggest Rossi has sold out to his donors, as if Patty Murray were as pure as the driven snow. Of course she is innocent Democrat, 18 years in Washington DC Beltway insider. Her insider status explains why she is pure.

Open Secret

From report posted July 7 2010, "LOBBYISTS TOP LIST OF SENATOR'S BIGGEST CAMPAIGN DONORS: Now seeking her fourth term in office, the donor list for Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) may reflect one of the benefits of incumbency: Lobbyists are the senator's biggest campaign supporters."

According to the list of 100 top donors in 1998, Boeing Co donated $24,230, making them number 3 on the list of corporate donors. No wonder she campaigned for the Boeing KC-767 Tanker design rather than the Northrup design. KC-767 would be made in Everett Washington.

If we are to judge Senatorial candidates by the donors they keep, certainly we should judge the candidate by the accusations leveled against those donors, PMA Group, an Arlington, Virginia based corporation. PMA has not been found guilty of anything, yet but does the accusation color the water?

By Murray's subsequent action is does. She felt so guilty about the PMA donation, she made a donation to a food bank. Gee, doesn't that make her all warm and fuzzy?

If you think you cannot trust incumbent Senator, you're on to Patty "Murky" Murray.

Compare Candidates

Mr Rossi has been a businessman with experience in the real world. Private business will teach you right away about the importance of fiscal responsibility. A businessman must think in terms of priority and restraint. Mr Rossi understands the economy is broken because of Big Government inteference, something Ms Murray doesn't seem to grasp. Rossi is also serves as academician on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Business at Seattle University. More at the Dino Rossi campaign site.

Ms Murray has never been anything but a lawyer or a Senator. Lawyers think in terms of "billable hours." Democrat Senators tend to think in terms of "taxability," not accountability. This lack of real world experience gives her a blind spot about responsible government. She has voted largely the party line, and she voted for federalizing health care and she voted for the catastrophic increase in taxes that will require.

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