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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Democratic Party versus the truth

We get to suffer for their mistakes.
"Who cares?" they say, "Have another fat cigar."

Some people think the President makes law. The President makes suggestions, but Congress makes the law of the land, which the President then signs. When George W Bush was President, it was the Republicans in Congress who made us prosper.

Democratic Party members insist George Bush's policies failed. If so, the timing is interesting, because it wasn't until after the Democratic Party took full control of Congress the economy began to wobble. When the Democratic Party took control of the Presidency too the nation's economy collapsed.

The Democratic Party must believe George Bush has spooky influence now that he is out of office. Repu-u-ublican... boo!

Clearly the policies of the Democratic Party have failed. And no wonder. Their policies are based on the notion that central planning works. If that were so, the militaristic Soviet Union would still be around. Central planning requires force. I doubt the Democratic Party have the nerve, but for them not to use force means more and more malaise.

So how do you plan to vote this November?

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