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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Washington State Primaries Recommendations

State Positions
The State Supreme Court contests are vital to the future of Washington State. Please make sure you vote in these races. The Court must not be controlled by the massive government interests which currently control the legislature. Keep in mind, the Big Government legislature currently has us slated for another $3 billion in taxation. Do you support that?

My picks for the State Supreme Court
Pos.1. Jim Johnson. The primary determines who wins this race.
Pos.5 Barbara Madsen (unopposed)
Pos.6 Richard Sanders

Federal Positions
Opposing Big Government and massive centralized power in the federal government is just as vital for the future of the United States. I believe these candidates will resist the growth of federal intrusion into private life and will resist the growth of government debt.

U.S. Senate: Clint Didier - I watched Mr Didier take a live interview from some hostile policy wonks. Mr Didier impressed me as genuinely interested in building federal government which is responsive to citizens, and which would function within the bounds of the US Constitution. Mr Didier's website.

If you have already voted for Rossi, you're still okay with me, even though he is not as good a choice as Mr Didier. Mr Rossi is a far superior choice to the corrupt incumbent Patty Murray. Patty Murray must go.

U.S. House
1st District (Bainbridge Island, to north King County, to Kirkland and Redmond): James Watkins.
2nd District (Everett north to the Canadian border): John Koster
3rd District (Thurston county south to the Oregon border): Either David Castillo or Jaime Herrera. Both candidates are good.
4th District (Wenatchee - Yakima – Tri Cities): Richard (Doc) Hastings
5th District (Spokane and most of the rest of eastern Washington): Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
6th District (Bremerton – Peninsula): Jesse Young
7th District (Seattle): Bill Hoffman
8th District (Bellevue and east King County to Mt. Rainier): Dave Reichert
9th District (Pierce-Thurston counties): Dick Muri

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