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Sunday, January 24, 2010

State Republicans Provides Early Endorsement

At its quarterly state committee meeting in Tukwila yesterday (all 39 counties were represented), the State GOP provided an unprecedented early endorsement for an initiative campaign -- they endorsed our "Save The 2/3's Vote For Tax Increases" Initiative before the signature drive has even begun - it's never happened before.

Statement by WSRP Chair Luke Esser: "The State GOP strongly opposes the legislative effort by Governor Gregoire and the Democrats in Olympia to overturn voter approved I-960 requiring two-thirds legislative approval for tax increases. Republicans oppose higher taxes, especially during the middle of a recession when the legislature should be focused on creating -- not destroying -- jobs.

"Gregoire and the Democrats are making a huge mistake by overturning I-960, raising taxes, and ignoring Republicans' call for reforming government.

"The two safeguards against higher taxes this November are electing more Republicans and passing this initiative."

The GOP has always followed the practice to not take a position on initiatives until after they've turned in enough signatures to qualify. But yesterday, they voted to suspend the rules and overturn longstanding precedent to endorse the initiative (ironically, it took a 2/3's vote to suspend the rules).

"Especially because the legislature is in session, it is critical that we as a Party endorse this initiative now to send a clear message to Olympia's Democrats to not take away I-960," Skagit County Chairman Bob Eberle said when he made the motion to suspend the rules.

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