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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Democrat Arrogance On Parade

Washington State governor Christine Gregoire attacked the initiative process. She told thousands of citizens to "stop meddling" and "leave it to us." Gregoire is a perfect example of an authoritarian Democrat. "Democratic" Party my eye.

Yesterday, Gregoire attacked the initiative process, saying that legislating can only be done by the experts in Olympia. She told our thousands of supporters and the voters to "stop meddling" and to "leave it to us." Her arrogance seems boundless. And she's not alone -- on Friday in Seattle, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown said "We have to get 960 [the people's imposition of a tax report and supermajority requirement on the legislature] overturned as soon as possible." She goes so far as to invoke God, saying that raising taxes is a "moral necessity."

With politicians like them in charge of Olympia, is it any wonder that taxpayers want the opportunity to fight back?
At 10 am yesterday in our state's Capitol in Olympia, the 14 of us formally filed our 2010 initiative -- Save The 2/3's Vote For Tax Increases (petitions won't be mailed out until February ... once they're available, we'll only have 5 months to collect 300,000 voter signatures before the early July deadline). Our initiative is about respecting the voters' ballot box decisions -- they've approved the 2/3's vote requirement for tax increases 3 times -- and it's about making it tougher to raise taxes. Gregoire keeps saying that taxes will only be increased "as a last resort" -- this initiative's 2/3's vote requirement makes sure that actually happens.

Our initiative is, by far, the people's most effective lobbying tool against higher taxes. [report from Tim Eyman]
Washington State is in depression, like the rest of the US. Here the Democreeps sense an opportunity to truly immiserate and impoverish the people. The Democreeps will raise tax rates. They will do this by overturning the rule of law and removing the limits placed on them by the people. The corporatist Democreeps hate the free people of the state of Washington.

Washington State continues down the road of irresponsible arrogance and big government policies. Big labor Bosses are the dancing master and Gregoire and the Democreeps are too terrified to get out of step.

Its historically interesting the Democreeps perfected their technique of election stealing via endless recounts here in 2004. (subsequently this technique has served the Democreep perversion process in Minnesota in 2008, with the appointment of Al Franken to the Democreep controlled US Senate.

Washington State, where "Democratic" corruption technology is perfected.

End tyranny: Gregoire out now!

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  1. "...stop meddling" and "leave it to us..." (Bob Qat)

    Yes, that's a perfect example of the pathology of the "control freak"....the same pathology that infected the slave owners of bygone days.

    There's no decent motive that drives such people, they're own inner impotence and incompetence drives them to seek control over others.

    True Americans have always eschewed that pathology. Lincoln famously said, "I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master either."

    Today's liberals could think of that thought in terms of being some kind of "punch line."


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