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Monday, January 25, 2010

The One What Brung Her

There was an old expression I used to hear at square dances, "Remember the one what brung ya." Only 15 months ago, Governor Gregoire got labor union political contributions while negotiating labor contracts. But Gregoire owes her genuine allegiance to the ordinary citizens who voted for her, not the union bosses.

Governor Gregoire and the Democrazy slice of the legislature have forgotten to be faithful to the people of the state. They plan a merciless campaign of tax increases which could be more than 25%, plus a severe infringement of firearms ownership, and a demolishing of right of the people to petition the government. Sounds just like tyranny.

If this state government actually implements any of this arrogant stupidity, political blood will be shed. The Leftists stupidly plan this mayhem at a time when working class taxpayers have to tighten our belts to make ends meet; cutting back, working more, eating out less, spending savings, making do, and trying to cover the basics of life. Meanwhile, Gregoire and the Democrats go on a spending binge.

To hand is the deal Gregoire negotiated in November 2008 with the state's workers' union. She promised them the moon and they took it. Now she says she has to make good on her extravagance or she "could be sued." "Extravagance" like the fact that state employees already make $19,500 more per year than comparable private sector employees.

So Gregoire announced she will screw over the people in order to stay in good stead with her union dancing masters.


We must resist. Here is sample text of the petition to the state government to straighten up and fly right.

Resolution for the Washington State Legislature

WHEREAS, the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council has projected a $1.68 billion revenue decrease for the 2009-11 biennium; a decrease that can be defined as a significant revenue shortfall; and

WHEREAS, the state’s Office of Financial Management has projected a $2.6 billion general fund budget deficit for the current biennium; and

WHEREAS, the existing measures Governor Gregoire has taken to curb this deficit, such as hiring freezes, travel restrictions, and personal service contract restrictions, have been insufficient to close the general fund budget deficit; and

WHEREAS, our state’s economy cannot sustain tax increases without harming economic recovery; and

WHEREAS, the significant general fund revenue shortfall necessitates a modification of the collective bargaining agreements in accordance with RCW 41.80.010(6);

NOW, THEREFORE, the duly elected legislators of the State of Washington do hereby declare that a financial emergency in the state General Fund exists because anticipated revenues are insufficient to meet anticipated expenditures for the remainder of the biennium.

Pursuant to RCW 41.80.010(6) and effective immediately, we hereby direct both parties to all state collective bargaining agreements to immediately enter into collective bargaining for a mutually agreed upon modification of the agreements that results in a significant reduction of state spending.

Moreover, we hereby direct a revision of allotments of appropriations from the state General Fund to all state agencies including those agencies headed by elected officials and to the budgets of the Legislature and Courts. Each affected agency shall reduce its expenditures from the state General Fund by 8.4 percent of the agency's total biennial state General Fund appropriations to be effective January 31, 2010, unless the legislature takes action prior to that date to save a corresponding amount.

The Director of the Office of Financial Management will issue detailed instructions necessary to implement this resolution.


If you live in Washington State, sign the petition.

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