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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The New Income Tax Proposal

HB 1545

Marko Liias has proposed taxing the income of Washington State again.  He and his stupid tax crowd have proposed taxing away 2% of all individual income over one million dollars.

Everyone knows that if they can tax millionaire's income, they will get around to taxing the the income of the "little people."

This shifty crowd of tax crazed legislators will get around the requirement for a vote by the people by redefining personal income to a "personal sales" sort of tax; i.e. an excise tax, like what they already put on tires.  But our personal income is not property to be sold. 

Somehow, Liias reckons the state will gain $167,129,000 in the first year.  That suggests the state has a millionaire class earning more than $8.3 billion every year.  That's the equivalent of nearly $1400 per person in Washington State.  If the legislature takes that much from the private sector, imagine the damage it will do to the state's economy.

This is the published summary

HB 1545 - DIGEST
Imposes an excise tax on the receipt of adjusted gross income above one million dollars by residents or qualifying nonresidents deriving income from sources within the state.  Establishes a new state trust fund and requires revenue received by the trust to be devoted to education, with the first priority being classroom size reduction in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Requires the office of financial management to prepare an annual audit of the funds deposited in the paramount duty trust fund.

Requires the department of revenue to: 

(1) Administer the tax assessed in a manner that is consistent with the federal income tax system and using documents that taxpayers already prepare as part of their federal tax filings; and 
(2) Refund all taxes improperly paid or collected. Gives jurisdiction to the board of tax appeals over appeals relating to tax deficiencies and refunds, including penalties and interest.

Liias and cronies say this revenue will be directed to the state school system, the first responsibility of our state government .  In view of the fact the legislature would rather spend our money on everything except our school system, this is an obvious lie.  Their deception is plain -- They plan to use the federal personal income tax system to reckon excise (sales) tax on income.

Liias, the people already voted last November.  They decided they don't want an income tax.  Stop being a crook.

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  1. Can't these politicians understand that WE THE PEOPLE OF WASHINGTON DO NOT WANT A STATE INCOME TAX!!


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