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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gun restriction proposals, Washington State

HB 1588 would require a full background check to transfer of a firearm in Washington state. The legislation especially includes private firearms sales. This legislation is being fast-tracked with hot pressure. The Judiciary Committee vote on HB 1588 is presently scheduled for Tuesday, February 19 at 10:00 a.m. Check for  schedule updates at this link.

The only way this legislation could ever be functional is if the state enacts comprehensive registration of all firearms in private possession.  Although this is not in the current bill, it would be a natural follow up if HB-1588 is enacted. The reason is that HB 1588 criminalizes private firearms sales.

HB-1588 sponsors are Representatives Pedersen, Hope, Jinkins, Hansen, Freeman, Kagi, Walsh, Carlyle, Hunter, Clibborn, Ormsby, Cody, Green, Stanford, Orwall, Maxwell, Liias, Pettigrew, Tharinger, Springer, Hudgins, Wylie, Moeller, Fitzgibbon, Ryu, Roberts, Goodman, Riccelli, Farrell, Fey, Appleton, Pollet, Habib, Bergquist, Moscoso, Hunt, Santos & ReykdalIf one of these is your Representaive, email them and tell them to stop their sponsorship of this bill.

The state Senate companion bill is S 5625.  Its sponsors are Senators Kline, Tom, Darneille, Litzow, Kohl-Welles, Chase, Frockt & Mullet.  If one of these is your Senator, email them and tell them to stop their sponsorship of this bill.

Gun sales restrictions do not address crime -- criminals do not follow the law.  The inevitably required gun registration would work only if criminals wanted to let law enforcement know they possessed guns.  Therefore this legislation will only encumber the law abiding and divert law enforcement from the protection of society.   

A better approach to reducing the gun crimes is if the felons and involuntarily committed persons the legislation complains about should be left in prison or mental hospital instead of being turned loose on the innocent public in the name of cost saving.

All of HB 1588 and S 5625 sponsoring legislators are enemies of the people.  We must work to unseat them in the next election cycle.

Full text of HB 1588. ---  S 5625 is identical. 

If your representative is on the Judiciary committee, please contact them.
House Judiciary Committee Members:
Representative Jamie Pedersen (D-43), Chairman, (360) 786-7826,
Representative Drew Hansen (D-23), Vice Chairman, (360) 786-7842,
Representative Jay Rodne (R-5), (360) 786-7852,
Representative Steve O'Ban (R-28), (360) 786-7890,
Representative Roger Goodman (D-45), (360) 786-7878,
Representative Mike Hope (R-44), (360) 786-7892,
Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27), (360) 786-7930,
Representative Steve Kirby (D-29), (360) 786-7996,
Representative Brad Klippert (R-8), (360) 786-7882,
Representative Terry Nealey (R-16), (360) 786-7828,
Representative Tina Orwall (D-33), (360) 786-7834,
Representative Mary Helen Roberts (D-21), (360) 786-7950,
Representative Matt Shea (R-4), (360) 786-7984,

Another pro-freedom article


HB 1703 is a proposed new program against firearms and new taxes on firearms.  

Adds a $25 tax for any retail sale of a firearm sale.  Ammunition would be taxed at the rate of 1 ¢ per round.  The DOH would be charged to indoctrinate children and the general public against firearms ownership.  Finally the bill would provides sales tax exemption for gun locks.

The Office of Financial Management projects the increase in cost to the gun owning public in Washington is $64,507,000 over the next ten years.

The potential for new revenue attracted a number of sponsors to this bill: They are Representatives Jinkins, Farrell, Morris, Cody, Kagi, Wylie, Roberts, Pollet, Ryu, Bergquist, Fey, Hunt, Tarleton, Fitzgibbon, Appleton, Moscoso, Santos


HB 1676 is a "safe storage" requirement.  It prohibits that firearms should be stored in a unsafe manner if children can get hold of the firearms.  Current state law (RCW 9.41. 040 calls this reckless endangerment) already prohibits the substance of HB 1676.

The death of any child is a terrible tragedy.  Our heart goes out to the parents, friends and relatives for their loss.  Any law to meant improve child safety must actually to work -- HB 1676 fails.

Firearms accidents in Washington state are at an all-time low.  Firearm storage legislation ignores the fact that Washington firearm owners are extremely responsible with their firearms.  The plain truth is that firearms are involved in a very low number of fatal accidents among children in Washington.


  1. Regarding HB 1588

    We need to keep guns out of the hands of people that intend to do us harm, including criminals, felons, and the mentally ill. But felons have lost the right to own a firearm so they and other criminals won’t submit to a background check, they’ll continue to steal or purchase stolen weapons on the street. Thus HB 1588 will do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

    As for the mentally ill, we never saw such senseless acts of violence and homicide like Columbine, Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook, before antidepressants became routinely prescribed since the mid 1980s and early 1990s. Limiting the conditions and duration of treatment with these medications would do more to decrease violence with guns (or other lethal instruments) among this group than tighter regulations over background checks. A background check wouldn’t have made any difference in preventing the Sandy Hook massacre since Adam Lanza stole the guns from his mother.

    Rep. Hope is wrong, HB1588 will impact primarily law abiding citizens (who are not the cause of gun violence) and will have virtually no effect in preventing felons, other criminals, or the mentally ill from obtaining guns.

    If HB 1588 won’t effectively address the problem of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals or the mentally ill, it should not be seriously considered as part of the solution.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are exactly right that HB 1588 will have no effect on criminals and serve only to hamper the law abiding.

      Taking away the right of the people to conduct private transactions of any sort is a direct attack on people's right of self-government. It is clear that the legislators who vote for this bill seek destroy the rightful authority of the people to run their own lives.


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