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Monday, March 4, 2013

I-1053 is overturned

Last Thursday, 6 of our 9 Supreme Court Justices threw out the part of the People's law, I-1053, that imposed a 2/3rds vote requirement on the legislature to pass tax increases.  Washington State Supreme Court's decision makes it a lot easier for the legislature to raise our taxes.  A coalition of lawmakers and "education groups" sued to overturn the will of the People.

Washington citizens can never again vote to impose this healthy check against least not the way we have done so in the past.

Some politicians claim tax hikes are essential just to support basic services. It’s an outright lie. State revenue for the next budget is projected to be $2 billion more than in the last budget, yet politicians say it’s not enough. In fact, revenue has consistently increased over time. Washington State doesn’t have a revenue problem—we have a spending problem.

Now, the only way to reinstate the 2/3rds requirement is through a constitutional amendment.

We need your help to get our legislature even to consider it.

Please sign the petition.

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