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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tax Increases and Secret Government

Olympia is voting all types of unconscionable power for itself. The right to vote is itself under attack. ESSB 5808 takes away the right to vote on the matter of annexations.

Washington citizens used to have a control on tax increase. Control of spending increases always belonged to the legislators who support their "buddies" with your taxes. The only reason to take away the control of taxation from the people is to corrupt government. The "Democratic" Party is doing it.

Tim Eyman delivered a statement against the tax increases and closed government provisions Olympia is pushing. I-960 is the main defense the people have against this very sort of thing. The "Democratic" Party is against responsible government, so responsibility also is under attack. This following is an excerpt.


"Chairman (Ross) Hunter is quoted as saying that I-960 makes the process 'unworkable.' It's quite an admission that [Democratic Party controlled] Olympia can't function if it's forced to follow the law, abide by the Constitution, and keep the people and the press informed.

"For two years, I-960 has worked exactly as voters intended.
"Two years -- the voters have learned that that's the maximum amount of time the Legislature can be restrained by a citizens initiative like I-960.

The rest of Eyman's testimony was read directly, without voice inflection, but he says he intended it to be taken as sarcasm, "When we did I-960, we made a mistake: we allowed a legislative session to be held without I-960's protections. We assumed that restrained by an upcoming election, that the Democrats would never, ever disrespect the voters this much.

"We were wrong. The voters, our supporters, and the sponsors of I-960 underestimated the Democrats' audacity, their arrogance, their shamelessness."

Ross Hunter (D-Redmond) then interrupted to slam down his gavel, upset that Eyman had criticized the Democrats, urged on by cheers and catcalls from the anti-960 people there.

Eyman took a deep breath and continued: "We can never make that mistake again. Two years is the maximum.

"The 2010 legislative session must always serve as the poster child of what happens when Olympia is not restrained by the law, not bound by the Constitution, nor obliged to keep the public and the press informed.

"Voters have approved I-960's policies 3 times, in 1993, 1998, and 2007. Yet without hesitation, Olympia's Democrats are getting rid of them. The Legislature does not want the citizens to know what it's doing, they want to keep it all a secret, and it's very unfortunate ..."

Hunter interrupted again: "That's it. Next," he said.


To be sound and responsible, government must meet only one condition: The same law must apply equally to everyone. The "Democratic" Party is attacking the fundamental principle of good government; equality under the law.

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