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Friday, April 5, 2013

Governor's proposes new B&O tax on renters

The ink has hardly dried on Inslee's new gubernatorial stationery and the governor is raising the taxes on the people of Washington State.  Inslee's proposed business and occupancy tax will be billed to landlords, but paid for by renters.

Inslee announced plans to tax residential rentals for 1.8 percent statewide.  You thought your rent was high now?  Under Inslee's plan your rent will go up $18 per $1000 per month.  Seattle rents will go up even more, because Seattle tacks on 0.415% extra -- which means Seattle renters will pay an extra $22 per $1000 per month.

Inslee said the state "must choose education over tax breaks".  This announcement came after the state decided to spend billions on highway projects (HB1864), replacing the Evergreen Point Floating bridge, replacing the bridge over the Columbia at Portland and Vancouver, the Alaska Way viaduct, and spending billions on other highway projects. 

Why do we need to spend so much money on deluxe state highway projects if our education system is in such need?  Inslee's sense of timing is very bad  --  Or else Inslee and his government are trying to fool the people.

Inslee said he only wants to close tax loopholes.  Apparently what he meant is he wants to take more of your money.

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