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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gov. Inslee to push gun control in special session

And other stuff.

"[Inslee] has several items on his list of policies, including the Reproductive Parity Act, the Washington Dream Act, and legislation on gun violence that would include universal background checks for gun sales." Spokane Spokesman Review
  • The Reproductive Parity Act would require every insurance policy in the state that covers maternity care to also cover abortions.  HB 1044.  Former Attorney General Rob McKenna states that the RPA as formulated, would inhibit federal health aid to Washington State.
  • The Washington Dream Act would promote state education for children of illegal immigrants.  HB 1817. Education is in the state interest, and according to our state constitution.  But one cannot help but get the feeling this measure is designed to enable care of anchor babies after they grow up, and not actually in the interest of education.  To forward this bill, the definition of "in state student" has been modified to "resident student" [RCW 28B.15.012(2)(e)].
  • Gun Control - Universal background checks for gun sales. HB 1588. Background checks can be enforced only if legislation is added that requires comprehensive gun registration.  Otherwise there is no way to verify that required background checks at time of transfer have been made.  If you think the gun controllers are willing to just "trust us" to register sales, then why do they push the background checks?  “Putting in place a system that makes sure that there isn’t a clear pathway around those rules makes sense and is likely to reduce some gun violence in our society,” State Representative Pedersen said.  The bill's supporters hardly intend to prevent felons from getting their hands on guns.  
Government should be in the service business. When did they get into the control business?

To be sure, Inslee has a pile of legislation to push.  Apparently he plans to apply immense pressure to the legislature to enact his leftist policies.

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