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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking More

Olympia has never been embarrassed about spending the people's money, even when the people have the situation covered. The Legislature's motto: "Outta our way, you! Give us your money!" Its a mixed message.


HB 2791, to fund all-day kindergarten for everyone passed out of Ways and Means Committee on party line vote. If enacted, spending will increase $243,507,000 over ten years.

The interesting part is the funding source for this daydream is the proposed repeal of the nonresident retail sales tax exemption. In other words, state visitors will pay sales tax. This bill proposes that will be enough for Olympia to take over kindergarten. Kindergarten is presently an option in some school districts.

When state government teeters on bankrupting itself, it is probably not the time to start state wide kindergarten. Elementary arithmetic shows Olympia should settle other bills first.

State Recreation/Discover Pass
E2SHB 2373, about the state's mismanagement of its recreational resources, ("Discover Pass"), shortens free parking from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, display of a Discover Pass exempts the vehicle. The Discover Pass is $30 per year.

Beginning July 1, day-use visitors at state parks will need to pay $10 per use or have an annual Discovery Pass.

Attendance is projected to drop even more than it already has in state recreation sites if something is not done. The underlying problem is the Legislature is puzzled that people don't want to pay for something they used to get for free.

The projected income is $15,670,200 over 10 years -- wishful thinking.

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