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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gregoire signs onto homosexual marriage

The leftist elite call it "Marriage Equality." The should call it Marriage Interchangeability. Nevermind, men and women will never be substitutes for each other -- there are differences, you know. Nevermind, the left loves a lie.

The big money is behind homosexual marriage. The powerful elites of the "Democratic" Party back homosexual marriage. The power and sweep of this fashionable change of social laws must be well financed and backed. So this is a done deal, right?

Not as long as words have meaning.

"Marriage" means the connubial union of a man and woman, with the possibility of birth of children from a combination of the man's and woman's DNA. A close substitute for first marriage is a second marriage -- the connubial union of a man and woman often for the purpose or bringing up children from an earlier marriage.

Homosexual "marriage" is no similar, natural, expression of love, like child bearing. Homosexuals can be in love, and even want to cohabit. Washington State has recognized this level of same-sex commitment, including right of survivorship. The call for same-sex marriage is simple-minded destruction of the meaning of language.

The out-of-its-mind left thrives on destruction of meaning. (Did you ever notice the left is dominated by lawyers?) No matter the clear meaning of what you thought you said, a lawyer or a leftist can twist the words 'til they mean more power for government and more regulation for society.

400 years ago...

Whatever Hypocrites austerely talk
Of puritie and place and innocence,
Defaming as impure what God declares
Pure, and commands to som, leaves free to all.
Our Maker bids increase, who bids abstain
But our Destroyer, foe to God and Man?"

- John Milton Paradise Lost (l. Bk. IV, l. 738–749).

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  1. What ugly comments sir. You truly disgust me.

  2. I see. If I don't exactly believe language is a political captive, I disgust you.

    Go ahead and hide behind being anonymous.

  3. Anonymous means he hates you saying "Homosexuals can be in love, and even want to cohabit. Washington State has recognized this level of same-sex commitment."


  4. Anonymous, answer me this question:

    What I have yet to figure out, is why people think that they can thumb their noses at what history has clearly shown to be one of the elements present in the downfall of EVERY civilization?:

    The acceptance of perverted behavior as normal.

    For example, AIDS has been one of the most politically sucessful diseases of all time.

    As a general rule, to avoid getting AIDS, all you have to do is to not stick things where they don't belong, and don't let someone stick you.

    Dirty needles in your arm, for example.

    So, tell me, why should we be dumping all this money into research to find a 'cure' for AIDS?

    All that is needed is a BEHAVIOR CHANGE, but that isn't politically correct now, eh? We want to be able to do what we want, who we want, and when we want with no consequences.

    Well, tough.

    People have been warned over and over again throughout the millenia that certain activites are to be avoided.



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