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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I-1053 - Protection at last (again)

Thank Heaven we have protection again. One of the protections of I-1053 (and the earlier I-960) is the "sunshine" provision. The State Legislature is required to report all proposed fees and taxes and who proposed them. When voters know what legislators do, the legislators scurry for dark corners the way cockroaches do. I-1053 is working as it should.

1046 HB will increase the fee to vehicle and vessel quick title fees has been introduced into the Washington State House. The total cost over the next ten years is expected to be a mere $1,524,713. The proposed bill is not up for vote yet.

Compare this to the 30 days or so the legislature was hiding in a dark corner, sneaking in billions in new taxes, while they had "suspended" I-960 --- That cost the state's citizens over $200 million per day in increased taxation.

The Legislature are still rascals who spend your money as if you had too much. They deserve a close eye. If your own legislator voted to suspend I-960, canvas to get the creep unelected, starting right now.

Sign up for emailed sunshine reports on the Legislature's activity at the I-1053 information Subscriptions page.

Look into the Legislature's other activity at Legislative Bill Information.


Update 01.21.2011

The House Ways and Means Committee has decided to reject I-1053 (The Will of the People). They decided to pass fee increase decisions to Gregoire. This is an illegal move. But it will remove fee increase decisions from the bright light and legislative control required by I-1053.

Email your legislator and tell them what you think of this illegal act. Get active or get screwed.

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