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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Say WA?

Remember Say WA?

That was Washington state tourism slogan in 2006. One supposes it was meant to inspire tourists to make noises, when the tourist saw the state's majestic mountains, rugged coastline and glorious sunsets.

The dim bulbs who raise our taxes are as stogy as ever.

WADH, the Department of Health, always strange about something, presently is simpleminded about the flu. BobOne sent in a recent screen shot.

Since then, the DOH has gotten slightly more erudite in their approach. The odd, health care photo-postcard concept appears as only an image on their "FluNews" home page.

Its easy to smile at this until you realize this is not some private company indulging a silly whim. This is state government frivolously wasting your money.

Too harsh of an assessment? This is the same government which has raised your taxes over billion and a half dollars (over $200 per person) this year, while the state is in an economic depression. That's a pretty good argument for not letting the children in state government have our money.

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