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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Olympia Feels the Squeeze

Olympia is sucking around for ways to pay off their Union Bosses with taxpayer money. These days, Olympia must work to raise taxes under the people's fresh re-imposition of a super majority requirement. Cutting costs is another legislative option, but that would require a break with their Union buddies.

The "Democratic" Party controlled legislature would rather break the People.

But we should make some suggestions

How about getting rid of the stupid new regulations on housing? For example, there is new requirement that every rental unit and every house offered for sale must have a carbon monoxide detection system: Cost about $100 per unit. Another example, the new requirement that housing older than 1978 must be painted by someone with lead abatement certification. The certification costs about $300.

Stupid regulations require more enforcement effort and personnel than wise regulation. The Left's tendency to make oppressive, stupid regulations is because they want to throw their weight around and make gifts of our resource to their corrupt buddies.

Wise up everybody. Hyperactive government micromanagement is cruel. If Olympia legislators won't do good and fair government you want, elect someone else next time. But voters keep putting the "Democratic" Party in power. The voters must be in love with pain.

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  1. Regulations are the Mother's Milk of the bureaucracy. These guys would jump into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before they'd voluntarily do the right thing.

    After all, who do you think they work for, eh?


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