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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election Results Continue

The election news is mixed. Patty Murray leads Dino Rossi by less than 28,000 votes. A recount is likely -- in which case the "Democratic" Party will betray the citizenry again and print as many extra ballots as needed to put Patty Murray in office.

King County inexplicably slowed down on their ballot counting, letting the rest of the state's less populous counties submit their totals first. Inexplicable, until you remember that's where most of the election fraud has happened before.

The King County officials in charge of election fraud will hold off until they see how many extra ballots Patty Murray needs. Then they will print them. No doubt.

A useful link to track fraud is the Voter Turnout page. The page offers information about the rate of voting. If the King County rate of ballots cast versus voters casting them exceeds 100% like it did in 2004, its time to make some arrests.


Up to date results on state-wide races are near the top of the page.

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