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Monday, November 1, 2010

Condescending to America

Is there any doubt the "Democratic" Party takes a dim view of the middle class?

The "Democratic" National Committee is running a smear ad for their pet Senator, Patty Murray. The Party says her Republican opponent, Dino Rossi, is "Not on our side."

According to the "Democratic" Party, middle class Americans cannot forget the fact that Dino Rossi voted not to extend unemployment benefits beyond the state's ability to pay, that he voted against increasing the minimum wage, that he voted not to require low income children enroll in Washington State's government controlled health care.

The "Democratic" Party insists middle class values require unemployment compensation be extended (the alternative is to let the People get a job). The Democrats insist on increasing minimum wage (they want no one ever to make more). The Democrats are certain the middle class needs government to control health care (or else the middle class might be able to get the health care they need).

The "Democratic" Party is sure the middle class needs the "Democratic" Party to control them.

Or else the middle class will discover they can stand on their own, with dignity and self-respect. The "Democratic" Party can't let the middle class discover that.


Its clear what the Demos mean when they say "not on our side": They mean Rossi didn't vote the Demos's way.

In review, the Demos have controlled Congress from the 2006 elections when they took over the Congress. Polling data from 2008 indicated this fact escaped 43% of the Demos' base.

The economy started to run rough in 2007.

The Demos have had an absolute majority in the Congress and the hold the White House. Everything that has happened to the economy in the last two years is entirely caused by the "Democratic" Party.

Incredibly, the Demos keep saying the Republicans are causing the economic problems. More incredibly, the Demo base keeps agreeing with them.

If the "Democratic" Party policy of deceit continues to put them in power, we're in for a very rough future.

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