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Friday, April 23, 2010

In Comes Income Taxes

This week, Bill Gates, Sr. kicked off his version of fair taxes for Washington with his income tax initiative I-1077. Gates was not happy that Olympia raised taxes by 14% this year. Gates seems to think taxes are not high enough. Bill Gates, Sr. is stooge for every big government abuse out there.

Gate's initiative 1077 makes clear the need for initiative 1053. No matter how much Olympia takes from the taxpayers, they always want more. Olympia jacked up taxes $800 million this session [$5.7 billion over the next 10 years].

Instead of the big government types saying 'thanks, that's enough,' they follow up with a $1 billion per year income tax initiative. [And a $90 million water rights tax only yesterday] You can be sure, even that won't be enough. It's like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in the bottom -- it's never enough.

The initiative kick-off event was held in Seattle. The media (!) highlighted I-1077's fundamental flaw:

Bryan Johnson of KOMO TV asked: "Does anyone have to fear soon this (income tax threshold) will creep to above $150,000, and then above $100,000, and then everybody pays?"

Bill Gates Sr. responded: "Uhh, the, the initiative provides that the rates and levels cannot be changed without a vote of the people. So there is that protection built in."

Essex Porter of KIRO TV followed up: "But could you expand on that, because initiatives can usually be changed after two years. And Initiative 960 was changed after two years and there was a vote of the people then."

Gates responded: "Uh, that's right, that's a very astute question. And I don't know that anybody knows completely the answer for that. But for myself, I would be astonished if, given that specific provision in this specific tax statute, that the Legislature would undertake to make a change in it without complying with the language of the initiative and going to the people to get their permission."

Gates clearly lives in a bubble.

First we need to get Olympia on a diet we can pay for before we let them add even more taxes to our burden. The best way to do this is by requiring law makers have a 2/3rds majority every time they raise taxes. Responsible government is everybody's business.

(part of this column is from a report by Tim Eyman)

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