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Monday, April 12, 2010

Gregoire's $8 billion lie - field report.

"Gregoire promised that if she was reelected as Governor that she wouldn't raise taxes. The following year, facing a $9 billion deficit, Initiative 960's 2/3's vote requirement stopped her from jacking up taxes. But this year, she and the Democrats suspended I-960 and jacked up taxes $8 billion over the next 10 years, $800 million per year (she'll claim that some of the tax increases are 'temporary' -- but as everyone knows in Olympia, temporary taxes are always made permanent). [ Note - Mr Eyman was prescient. See the Olympia Policy Watch article Did we say "temporary" tax? ]

"So she promised 'no tax hikes' and yet she imposed $8 billion in higher taxes. That's Gregoire's $8 billion lie."
-- From Tim Eyman,

The only thing that restrains Olympia is the citizens saying No New Taxes! The most effective way to say "no" is with the 2/3's legislative vote requirement. That's what Initiative 1053 will do. It makes raising taxes an absolute last resort....

That is until the big government politicians overthrow the will of the people again. The hyper-taxing, big-government, lying politicians must go too.

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