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Monday, November 23, 2009

More Taxes

Make the Democratic Party rich by sucking the life out of the rest of us.

Listening to last week's hearing in Olympia by the Economic & Revenue Forecast Council, Governor Gregoire and the Democrats couldn't have been clearer about their top legislative priority: raising taxes. My favorite was Democrat Senator Rodney Tom: we're gonna tax things "we never dreamed of." They've been dreaming of a state income tax on everyone forever -- they love higher sales taxes because it brings in tons of revenue -- they've always supported higher property taxes -- they adore bigger business taxes, gigantic gas taxes, catastrophic car tab taxes, titanic tobacco taxes, larger liquor taxes, and unlimited utility taxes. But those are taxes that they've thought of before -- on top of those, they're pushing taxes they've "never dreamed of." With their imaginations and their power, be afraid, be very afraid.

More taxes = longer recession. So raising taxes is willful economic suicide but it's what Big Labor has ordered them to do (


  1. This is like a drug addiction with politicians. Unfortunately, Republicans are damn near as bad as the Dems.

  2. Repellicans are somewhat less bad than Democreeps. I'll take that "less" they offer. But you're right. We need to impress on politicians the need to back off a lot farther than they have so far. We don't live to pay their bills.

  3. Great blog!

    It's good to get a perspective from the other coast.

    Democrats, at least liberal Democrats (and liberals now control that Party) are much worse when it comes to excess.

    Taxes drag on the economy and reduce job creation. Thanks to liberals in this country, we've gotten rid of our once vaunted and very productive manufacturing sector.

    The collapse of the Command Economies of the former USSR should have ended liberalism as a practical ideal.

    The REAL ideological debate within America SHOULD BE between Libertarians and Conservatives, and yet....


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