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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Democratic lawmakers are greedy

Referendum-71 was enacted, mainly so the Washington State "Democratic" Party could buy another constituency "buddy". These little "Democratic" Party constituencies are getting very expensive for the taxpayer. Tax revolt specialist Tim Eyman had proposed Initiative-1033 in remedy, but big government types came out with $3.5 million to spend against the already broken taxpayer: I-1033 spent nothing, we the taxpayers are broke. I-1033 was defeated.

The tax burden is nearly crushing everyone's imitative.

Andrew Garber reported in the Seattle Times, Wednesday, November 11, 2009, in an article titled, State Democrats Facing Revolt By Labor [Unions]:

"State Democratic lawmakers have a revolt on their hands among major labor groups that provide the party crucial support during elections. The Washington State Labor Council, the Service Employees International Union and unions representing teachers and state workers have either stopped or sharply reduced donations to Democratic caucus political-action committees that back candidates for the state House and Senate. "I think the labor movement is more serious about withholding support from Democratic candidates this year than I have seen in my 30 years in politics," said Dwight Pelz, chairman of the state Democratic Party. There's even talk of trying to defeat some Democratic incumbents if they don't support issues important to labor in the next legislative session — such as raising taxes to help close a growing budget shortfall."

Despite the fact Washington State "Democratic" government has driven Boeing's new production out of the state; despite the fact the Washington State "Democratic" government has already sent much of Microsoft’s software development to India; despite generally taxing the people to death already; Washington State "Democratic" government is whimpering. They want more taxes to give to their buddies in big labor.

The planned tax increase is $9 billions. That's an increase of nearly $2000 per person. No wonder Seattle is full of "Vacancy" signs. Will the last person leaving the state please pay our taxes before turning out the light?

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  1. There truly is a revolt afoot. People have a difficult enough time paying for services to which they have limited access. Modern democrat leaders have long overstepped even that warning flag. Now with each legislative session chaired by a liberal-democrat, we find ourselves often paying for services to which we have no access. The special-interests keep pushing for their "piece of the pie", and whether along racial (their favorite) or party lines, conservatives find themselves excluded from the process of government as well as the services that government must provide for EVERYONE. We the people already see it, but at some point it will be too difficult to bear and the revolt will ramp up another notch.


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