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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Initiative to Limit the Growth of State Government

I-1033 will work to limit the growth of state government revenues, and there fore will limit the increase of state spending. The limit for increasing taxation is 1% real increase per person per year.

This is contrary to what the government has awarded itself: A 4.8% per person per year real increase. A quick calculation shows that under the government plan, real state spending per capita will double in 14 years.

Under the proposed 1033 plan, real spending per capita doubles every 69 years.

Despite plenty of lying from the anti-1033, pro-big government crowd, 1033 will not make 'them' throw grandma out of retirement care, nor leave the kids ignorant in schools. The existing system is doing that already.

1033 should make you ask the question: If government is doing such a crummy job already, why shouldn't we put them on a diet? Maybe we can privately fix the screw ups these politicians in the public sector have made.

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