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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Domestic Partnership

Referendum 71 on the ballot.

Referendum 71 will extend to "domestic partners" the same rights as married partners, except the word "married" will not be used.

The referendum is simultaneously an attempt by the legislature to dodge the question of formalizing homosexual marriage and what to do when two opposite sex senior people remain unmarried despite living together. The legislature felt compelled to hand out benefits to state workers who choose homosexual lifestyle options.

To mask this display of phony largess with taxpayer money, the legislature added the image of granny and and some new man will receive the same treatment despite not marrying (for social security reasons I guess). The legislature also added private firms will also be required to conform.

Further confusing the voters is the fact that we don't get many referenda 'round here. The legislature knew they risked getting creamed unless they say, "they people said...." So they staged a vote.

Take a look at the ballot measure. The ballot is confusing in its tentative wording. I anticipate an undervote on this one.

A "yes" vote on this measure means you want to see homosexuals and senior living-togethers to have the same rights as married.

A "no" vote will mean you do not want the homosexuals accorded the privileges of marriage. Oh, yeah and granny will have to go on living with her boyfriend.

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  1. Another Seattle mayoral "debate" on tube this evening. Tweedle Dim vs Tweedle Dum. I plan to write in "My Cat's Litterbox". She leaves more intelligent ideas there in a day than Seattle gov't has had in its history.

    They should be called "posturings" rather than debate. I have heard no ideas debated ever.

    Indeed. For twins, they really seem to dislike each other. The one (Mallahan) accused of being against the unconstitutional Seattle gun ban has reacted rather angrily to the charge by the other (McGinn), denying that he was pro-gun (but apparently at least foggily aware of how illegal and unenforceable the ban is.)
    When civil rights are so out of fashion (Firearms rights are sooo 18th century), who wouldn't get angry? Moreover, if you believe someone else ought to do it all for you, then you ought to be enraged when it all doesn't get done for you. This is the principle human failing of massive Leftism. The result of intrusive government nanny-ism, civil rights are removed and civility disappears as well.

    McGinn spent most of the primary saying he was against the "Big Dig" tunnel replacement for the Alaskan Way viaduct, but folded quietly this week when the Shitty Clowncil voted to go ahead anyway, damn the billions of torpedoes!

    If only they would spend their own money, we'd get a lot less waste.

    Who are the candidates?

    Loon One:

    Loon two: is still available. Hmm...


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