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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seattle City Clowncil -- Fool Speed Ahead!

There has been no shortage of big news in Seattle this past week. Between (1) Amazon's bombshell announcement they were setting up a new headquarters, and (2) Mayor Ed Murray resigning in scandal, city government has been rocked to its core.

At least, it should be rocked to its core. Instead, you saw council members signal that they just don't get it.

Some lambasted Amazon for daring to expand elsewhere, and called for new taxes on successful Seattle businesses. It all sends a signal to other businesses: Look elsewhere.

This is a council determined to stay the stupid course and impose ever-more taxes, fees, and rules on the businesses that have helped make Seattle vibrant and wealthy. Seattle city government is more likely to view thriving businesses as leeches than contributing employers.

The city budget has grown rapidly yet city government is a mess, and the obvious anti-business stance of the city council is clearly creating economic downsides.

Time for a course correction? No, they say, full speed ahead.

-Rob McKenna

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