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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Washington Educational Association lies (& more)

  • WEA's claim: State Senate Republicans voted to "shortchange" pay and benefits for teachers and school staff.
    • FACT: The Senate operating budget would bring teacher COLAs to voter-approved levels.
  • WEA's claim: State Senate Republicans voted to increase class sizes - even for kids in high-poverty schools.
    • FACT: The bipartisan Senate capital budget would build 2,100 more classrooms to reduce K-3 class sizes.
  • WEA's claim: The Senate Republicans are likely getting an 11 percent pay increase.

It is worth noting the Senate budget proposal this year gives K-12 the biggest share of spending seen in 30 years. They propose spending $2.7 billion more for K-12 than was spent two years ago. That is about an 18 percent increase.


The whole squabble over funding in fact is about raising taxes. Governor Inslee has proposed a monster tax increase in the name of ineffective carbon cap and tax.  His pet is named SB 6121.  This bill would increase taxes by a total of $ 14,126,118,203 over the next 10 years.

Its worth noting that Washington state citizens already produce 36% less carbon per person than the national average.  Mr Inslee is interested in taking the money, not doing anything for the environment.

Because carbon taxes will fall hardest on the middle class and the poor  --  the rich don't spend the bulk of their income on travel or other carbon uses -- this tax increase will further the elitist/leftist war on the middle class.

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