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Friday, September 19, 2014

Lies, and the I-594 panacea.

The I 594 campaign is still spilling lies. The Big Lie is that their initiative will actually cut down criminal access to guns. It won't. But if 594 is enacted, every law abiding purchaser will have to go through yet one more set of compilations to obtain a gun. I 594 only gets the state more involved with complicating the people getting what they need.

"There’s a dangerous loophole in the law: Criminals who fail a background check can simply go online, or to a gun show, and buy a gun from a stranger, no questions asked. 594 closes that loophole, helping keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Close the background check loophole,”

Don Pierce, former Bellingham police chief

Don't you wonder why Don Pierce is lying. If you fail the existing background check system, you cannot go online to circumvent existing law. That is pure lie.

If you go to a gun show, you can buy a collectible firearm -- If you want to pay top dollar -- if you clear the gun shows background check -- many gun show operators have a background check requirement but Don Pierce lies about them.

And if I 594 is enacted, you'll still be able to buy a gun from a stranger. He just has to sell you his gun illegally. Most purchases between criminals are... criminal. Criminals will still get their guns illegally like they always have been able to. I 594 will not affect them at all.

One truth the I-594 people want to confuse you about is that the more guns the law-abiding have, the safer society will be. You can trust your neighbor -- most of them anyway. If you have a gun, you can trust yourself, can't you?

To listen to the 594 folks, you would think that you have to have government control to make you good. If you read 594, you get the idea that even handing an unloaded gun to a friend for him to look at makes you both a menace to society (Section 2, part 25).

You can trust the people -- even democracy can work -- if only the people trust their own judgment, and not government control.

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  1. 594 is indeed a panacea, it's a bad law. I recently watched a debate where the pro-594 person attempted to show how the gun used to kill the four Officers in Lakewood was obtained. They promoted it was bought from a friend of a friend of a friend, who bought it without a background check. And this proves what? And 594 would stop this? -NO- And besides, so far as I know the investigation of this weapon was deeded inconclusive so again, as it typical with the 594 campaign, another lie is told.

    Intelligent informed responsible people will VOTE NO on 594.

    Consider a YES VOTE on 591. Concrete, concise, clear and at least stands to have the chance to actually make society at large a safer environment, without the pervasive expense of 594.


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